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August 19, 2012

Big Bang members showing off their built bodies… except for T.O.P?

Recently, Big Bang showed off their muscular bodies.
On August 19, YG Entertainment’s personal trainer, Hwang Ssabu, tweeted some pictures with the comment “Big Bang 6th Anniversary! Keep going.”
The boys stand with spectacular bodies. Seungri projects masculine charm with his muscular body. The tattoo on his abs draws particular attention. Daesung flexes his arms, revealing strong arm muscles and creating a sexy image.
In addition, G-Dragon’s arm muscles stand out as he is dressed in a sleeveless shirt. Because his built muscles are out of expectation, they are just enough to shake female fans’ hearts. As already known with his well-built body, Taeyang attracts eyes in his topless fashion. However, unlike the other members, T.O.P appears in a track suit, covering his whole body.
Netizens commented: “Big Bang has amazing bodies!” “Did you get that tattoo recently, Seungri?” “Hope you keep up the good work, Hwang Ssabu.” “T.O.P never takes off his clothes.”
Starting with Singapore on September 28, Big Bang is to hold concerts throughout Asia.
Source: TV Report

2NE1 – New Evolution 2012 1st Global Tour – New Jersey

2NE1 is currently in New Jersey for their “2NE1 New Evolution 2012 1st Global Tour.”
Dara updated Blackjacks yesterday, August 17, that they are in New Jersey for the said event. She then attached a photo of a sample ticket and stated, “OMG!!! I woke up too early!Im really excited to see Blackjacks who are coming to our concert tonight!Are you ready to have some real fun, New Jersey?!” with “  .
Next stop is Los Angeles, California on August 24. For inquiries, go to
Fans commented saying, “How i wish I’m in New Jersey now..” “Have fun 2ne1!!!!” “Love our Dara for posting her updates lately in English…thank you ^=^ good luck in your concert tonight” and more.


Infinite participate in 2012 Summer Sonic to represent Korea

Infinite recently participated in a famous music festival of Asia, proving their high popularity.
Infinite was invited to 2012 Summer Sonic, which was held in Japan on August 18 and 19, and gave a passionate performance for the audience.
Infinite was invited to the festival this year to represent Korea. Big Bang and SNSD were invited to represent Korea in 2010 and 2011. The members received a big hand with their powerful performance with a perfect group dance.
In the festival, in which Green Day, Rihanna, and Jamiroquai also participated, Infinite also gave a performance for their new song for the first time. They received an enthusiastic response from the audience with the performance for their third single, “She’s Back,” which will be released in Japan on August 29.

At a surprise fan meeting, which was held on Google Plus before the festival, over 20,000 fans from 72 countries attended.
Infinite sold all tickets for their concert in Japan last year and also have been in the upper ranks of the Oricon Chart. Within a year after their debut, they were also invited to Summer Sonic to represent Korea.
Infinite will go on a tour in October, planning to attract around 60,000 fans.
Source: Starnews


Big Bang tell their fans, “You’re our VIPs forever!”

Big Bang said thank you to their fans for celebrating the sixth anniversary of their debut.
On August 19, which is the day Big Bang debuted, G-Dragon, Big Bang’s leader, uploaded a handwritten letter on the official website of their fan club V.I.P.
G-Dragon said, “Already… no, it’s been only six years since we debuted. We always appreciate your love and feel sorry for you, so we always want to do something special for you! You’re our VIPs forever!”
He also showed his affection for Big Bang’s fans by writing, “Still Love V.I.P!” V.I.P is a name of Big Bang’s official fan club. Big Bang’s fans are also celebrating the sixth anniversary of Big Bang’s debut, preparing an event for them.
Big Bang are currently preparing a world tour. Starting in Singapore on September 28, they will hold concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 6 and 7; Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 13; Taipei, Taiwan, on October 20 and 21; Manila, the Philippines, on October 24; Malaysia on October 27; and Hong Kong on December 8.
Source: Starnews

SM Entertainment announces establishment of a music nation

SM Entertainment, at the forefront of K-pop tsunami, recently announced that they founded a music nation with all the music fans from all over the world.
Prior to SM Town Live World Tour Ⅲ in Seoul, held at the Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul at 5:30 p.m., the ceremony of Declaration of the Foundation of the Music Nation was held.
The declaration announced that SM established a virtual music nation, which allows all the countries across the globe to be one.
Super Junior’s Shindong and Leeteuk reported the ceremony themselves. SM musicians welcomed fans from all over the world, holding flags of countries over the globe.
SM’s veteran musicians, Gang Ta and BoA recited the declaration. The twosome stated, “Music allows all the people over the globe to be one.”
After the declaration ceremony, there was a mind-blowing performance in celebration of the virtual SM nation. Some SM acts, including Gang Ta, BoA, TVXQ, Yesung, Taeyeon, and Jong Hyun sang “Dear My Family.”
40,000 fans were carried away by the mega-scale event and became one with SM Entertainment.
Fifty two acts represented by SM Town took part in the high-profile show, including SNSD, Shinee, f(X), EXO, and Kim Min Jong. Shinee’s Min Ho and f(X)’s Sulli didn’t participated because of their drama shooting.
Source: Starnews

A special photo for Big Bang G-Dragon’s birthday!

Before he comes out as a soloist after a hiatus of three years, Big Bang’s G-Dragon revealed a part of his new song as a surprise.
On August 17, the singer tweeted a video clip which shows a part of his new song and commented “Today is my birthday, but I’m in a studio. However, I’m happy for all the birthday wishes and this is a service! Olleh.”
The clip has groovy beats with G-Dragon’s rap, and it builds fans’ expectation on what kind of music he will come out with his new album.
Moreover, YG Entertainment revealed a special picture to celebrate G-Dragon’s birthday on the official blog.
Among many foreign beauties dressed in vivid-colored leggings and roller skates, G-Dragon sits in the middle wearing a big wool hat and pastel-toned overall holding a skateboard in his arms. He makes a cute pose.
There is the caption “Happy Birthday GD” on top of the picture, addressing viewers that it is his birthday today.
In the meantime, G-Dragon is busy wrapping up the work of his solo album going back and forth his studio and dormitory.
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su is a friend of Bruce Automatic?

Singer Kim Jun Su has posted a picture taken with American composer Bruce Automatic Vanderveer.
On August 18, the star tweeted a picture with the comment “Yeah! Automatic.”
His hair and sense of fashion stand out in the picture. His new hair dyed in blue attracts attention along with a fantastic change in his image. He looks perfect in his suit, projecting a masculine charm.
Kim poses friendly with Automatic. They are smiling big toward the camera.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Kim Jun Su seems to have lost some weight.” “He has a wonderful personal connection.” “Hope your album make a big hit.” “I like your hair.”
Kim is to release his English single “Uncommitted” on August 23.
Source: TV Report

Super Junior reveals the dance version MV of ‘SPY’

Super Junior has been promoting their repackaged album title track SPY and a few days after releasing the MV for the song, they have now released the dance version MV of SPY.
Fans who have wanted to learn the dance but found themselves unable to because of moving cameras on music show and close-ups of the regular MV will enjoy this version as the camera pans out to show all the members, save Siwon, dancing. They each wear identical white suit jackets and black tuxedo pants, completing the look with sunglasses.
Check it out below!

Source: SMTOWN’s YouTube

A picture of SNSD, Super Junior, and EXO practicing for a concert

Choreographer Hwang Sang Hoon recently took a picture of singers from SM Entertainment.
On August 18, Hwang tweeted a picture with the short comment in English, “Rehearsal with SM family.”
In the picture, Hwang is posing with SNSD’s Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Yuri, EXO-K’s Kai, EXO-M’s Tao, and Super Junior’s Donghae in comfortable clothes.
Since those members are in charge of dance in each group, many people are wondering what kind of performance they will give at their concert.
People who saw the picture responded: “I like Kai’s muscular arms.” “I can see Tao’s chest.” “They make my heart flutter.”
SM Entertainment will hold the ‘SM Town Live World Tour lll’ at Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul on August 18.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s Eunhuk reveals his cute jealousy to K-pop diva BoA

Super Junior’s Eunhuk recently revealed his cute jealousy of K-pop diva BoA.
On the afternoon of August 17, BoA tweeted a photo with the caption “I love you S.P.Y! A million thanks for your effort.”
In the photo, BoA strikes a leisurely pose while sitting between Eunhuk and Siwon. The two Super Junior heartthrobs seem to be escorting the soloist.
Eunhuk revealed his cute, intense jealousy of BoA, writing, “Can’t believe that she’s dancing with another guy before my eyes.”
It has come to light that the Super Junior member was responding to BoA’s dancing with a back-up dancer to “Only You,” the title song of her seventh studio album. It’s no wonder Eunhuk’s revealing jealousy because it’s a well-known fact that Eunhuk is a huge fan of BoA.
Netizens responded: “Eunhuk feels jealousy? Cute!” “BoA is really popular.” “The BoA’s couple dancing with the dancer was fantast!”
Previously, on the episode of SBS’s Inkigayo that aired on August 12, BoA had gave a fantastic couple performance with Eunhuk.
Source: Starnews

Take your hand off of the Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye!

2PM’s Taec Yeon and the Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye were recently spotted as a couple in a professional photo.
In the September issue of the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, Taec Yeon, Sun Ye, and another member of the Wonder Girls, Yu Bin, will be seen in sensual pictorials.
The pictures were shot in the theme of a private party, and just like the title suggests, it creates a strong, secretive atmosphere.
Taec Yeon is dressed in a dark suit with a white luggage bag by his side, giving a casual, masculine look.
Yu Bin and Sun Ye appear in dramatic, turquoise dresses, matching with some purses printed Gucci on them, showing off sexy, party girl look.
You can check out the Gucci flag collection with the stars in the September issue.
Source: TV Report

Girls Generation releases ‘Paparazzi’ album in Korea

On 16th August, Girls Generation released Japanese album ‘Paparazzi’ in Korea.
Girls Generation’s 4th single album ‘Paparazzi’ was first released in 27th June, it was topped oricon daily chart, ranked first place on iTunes daily, once again proved their high popularity.
New single ‘Paparazzi’ is produced by famous producers such as Miles Walker (who has worked with Beyonce before), Sterling Sound’s Tom Coyne. It’s an addictive song with a dream like style, the glamorous performance by the girls, add a perfect touch to the album. The album comes in 3 versions – limited edition (CD + DVD), normal version (CD + DVD) and CD version.
In addition, Girls Generation will be performing at “SMTOWN Live World Tour 3 in Seoul” on 18th August, at Olympic Stadium in Seoul.
Source : Koreastardaily

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su kisses a girl in bed

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently shot some unconventional love scenes for his music video.
Kim released his first English song “Uncommitted,” which is an urban pop ballad , and a music video for the song on August 17.
The music video was released on his official YouTube channel ( Kim shot the unconventional love scenes which are rare for idols.
In the video, Kim runs with a model while holding her hand and they look like a real couple. Kim kisses her while they are in bed and touches her cheek in a club.
People who saw the video responded: “It’s more shocking than the teaser.” “The video is so great but I feel jealous.” “Whenever he holds his hands up, my heart stops beating.”
Kim says, “I was embarrassed to shoot a kissing scene as soon as I met her. But the model was very good at acting and the atmosphere on the set was very nice.”
“I hope that you can have romantic autumn with my first English single “Uncommitted.”"
Source: TV Report

SM Town Concert Line Up: SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior…

Many people are eagerly awaiting the SM Town concert, which will be held on August 18.
On August 17, SM Entertainment said that they will hold the ‘SM Town Live World Tour III’ on August 18 at the main Sports Complex in Seoul.
Kangta, Boa, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and more singers from the agency will appear at the concert and give various performances for the audience.
They will also MC the ceremony at the opening and announce the ‘Music Nation SM Town,’ which is a virtual nation making the world one with SM music.
The ceremony will make the audience even more exciting because fans from all over the world can perform with the artists.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “Since the fans are coming from all over the world, including, Korea, the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Brunei, Australia, Kazakhstan, China, and Japan, the concert will be a global festival.”
Source: TV Report

SISTAR takes alluring pictorial

SISTAR’s Bora recently shot an alluring pictorial.
Bora and the group members shot a pictorial, in which they showed off their sexy charms, for the September issue of the magazine Cosmopolitan.
Bora transformed into an enchanting yet shy lady by wearing a red spangled skirt and white bracelet and tying her hair back up in a bun.
Hyo Lyn showed off street fashion by wearing a red fur coat and a funky T shirt. So You showed off her voluptuous figure in a red striped T-shirt and a pencil skirt. Da Som portrayed an innocent girl in a white sweater and a wrap skirt.
Source: Starnews

Producer for Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio apologizes to KARA

The production crew for KBS’s Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio recently apologized to KARA.
The August 16 episode of the radio show played KARA’s new song “Pandora.” But the song was originally supposed to be released on August 22. Many people complained about it on itheir bulletin board and the listeners asked them to apologize.
The production crew posted an apology note on their official Twitter account. It says, “KARA’s unreleased new song played on the show today. The person who selected the song only checked that the song has passed the deliberation and didn’t check the release date of their EP. Please don’t share today’s episode.”
Producer Jung Hyun Jae posted a note on their official website, “I’m the one who selected the song. I had to record another episode of the show so I just arrived home now. Sorry for causing trouble to KARA and their fans.”
“It’s my fault because I didn’t check the release of the song. I’m so sorry I made you worry about spreading the unreleased song. I will try not to make the same mistake in the future.”
“The recorded episode doesn’t include songs. If I find files, including the song, shared online, I will try to stop it. I’m sorry again to cause you so much trouble.”
People responded: “They made a big mistake and they have to apologize.” “I was so surprised to hear the song. I hope the song doesn’t spread.”
Source: TV Report

4Minute’s Hyun Ah shows off her provocative, sexy, and punk look in a pictorial

4Minute’s Hyun Ah recently showed off her sexy, lively look in a pictorial.
Hyun Ah showed off her mischievous yet lovely look in a pictorial for Hazzys Accessories in the fashion magazine Nylon.
In the pictorial, Hyun Ah portrays a girl in the London streets in kitschy clothes with red wavy hair and various facial expressions.
A spokesperson for the magazine says, “Hyun Ah’s provocative, cute look was well presented in the pictorial. In the photo shoot, Hyun Ah posed differently with various types of bags, and we could create a punk, sexy pictorial.”
The pictorial of Hyun Ah can be seen in the September issue of Nylon.
4Minute will release a new single, “Love Tension,” in Japan on August 22.
Source: TV Report

B.A.P perfectly sings “No Mercy” live

B.A.P proved their talent by perfectly singing “No Mercy” live.
On August 16, a video of B.A.P’s performance in the August 12 episode of SBS TV’s Inkigayo was uploaded on B.A.P’s official fan cafe ( after removing the song’s MR.
In the video, which removed all sounds except for B.A.P members’ voices, B.A.P perfectly sings “No Mercy” live.
Dae Hyun especially proves that he is good at singing in high-pitched tones even if the choreography of the song is very fast and powerful.
People responded: “They’re perfect.” “Dae Hyun’s really good at singing.” “I’m so proud that I’m a fan of B.A.P.” “They’re so perfect. Their rapping in high-pitched tones is also perfect!” “B.A.P is a talented idol group.” “How can they sing like that while dancing like that?”
Source: TV Report

SHINee fall in love with 2NE1′s Sandara Park, a lovely doll

2NE1′s Sandara Park spent a romantic time with SHINee members.
On August 20, Etude House uploaded a puppet show, “Her Eyelashes are Too Beautiful to Lie,” on its official YouTube channel. In the video, Park appears as a sweet, lovely doll.
On this cute, witty puppet show, SHINee members fall in love with Park’s beautiful eyelashes. Park shows off her innocent, lovely, and alluring look one by one. The song for the puppet show, sung by SHINee, also attracts attention.
The puppet show can be watched at all Etude stores and online shopping malls.
Source: TV Report