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August 19, 2012

Take your hand off of the Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye!

2PM’s Taec Yeon and the Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye were recently spotted as a couple in a professional photo.
In the September issue of the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, Taec Yeon, Sun Ye, and another member of the Wonder Girls, Yu Bin, will be seen in sensual pictorials.
The pictures were shot in the theme of a private party, and just like the title suggests, it creates a strong, secretive atmosphere.
Taec Yeon is dressed in a dark suit with a white luggage bag by his side, giving a casual, masculine look.
Yu Bin and Sun Ye appear in dramatic, turquoise dresses, matching with some purses printed Gucci on them, showing off sexy, party girl look.
You can check out the Gucci flag collection with the stars in the September issue.
Source: TV Report

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