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May 13, 2012

Sistar ranks at the top of Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 for four consecutive weeks

With its song “Alone,” Sistar is still remaining at the top of K-pop Hot 100 on Billboard for four weeks in a row.
According to the group’s agency, Starship Entertainment, “Alone” has ranked at the top since the third week of April to the second week of May. It was also placed no. 1 on online streaming chart and mobile chart of Gaon Chart.
In the domestic music market where a song would not last more than day on a chart, Sistar solely leading the way is considered very exceptional.
A staff member of their agency says, “Despite a galaxy of great artists is returning, we’re simply thankful for Sistar’s remarkable outcome on various music charts. We’ll return your love and support with better performances.”
Currently, Sistar is building its reputation with the song “Alone.”
Source: TV Report


  1. They are indeed awesome live. I was shocked when they didn't win against TTS, but then I thought, hhmmm! I guess popularity is quite an amazing thing to have ;)

  2. yes, i do agree that popularuty is required as well. anyway i love SISTAR & i like their songs "ALONE" & "LEAD ME"