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February 28, 2012

Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin vs. Hyun Ah and Marilyn Monroe

Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin recently disguised themselves as women.
In the picture, which was recently released, Shindong and Sungmin are transformed into 4minute’s Hyun Ah and Marilyn Monroe.
Shindong is wearing a long brown curly wig and red lipstick. His sexy eyes make him look like a Hyun Ah clone. Sungmin is also wearing a blond wig and a white dress. His milky white skin and a mole next to his lips completely disguised him as Marilyn Monroe.
The picture was taken when the two idol stars recorded a video for the February 28 episode of MBC Music’sShow Champion. Since a picture of Shindong disguising himself as a sexy woman drew a lot of attention, the picture featuring him and Sungmin is also receiving an explosive response.
People responded: “Why are you releasing such a cute picture now? It’s great!” “Sungmin’s big eyes are so cute. I can’t wait to see other pictures too.” “Shindong, I hope you release undisclosed pictures more often.”
In the 3rd episode of the show, which will air on February 28, miss A and FT Island, who received the ‘Champion Song’ last week, will compete against each other. Singer Lee Ki Chan, who is back performing for the first time in a long time, will sing “I Hope It’s Not,” which is very popular after playing in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series The Moon Embracing the Sun.
Kim Geu Rin, Spica, Six Bomb, EXID, and J-symphony will also appear on the show to capture people’s eyes and ears by performing a variety of songs.
The show will air live on February 28 at 7:00 p.m.
Source: Xportsnews

‘FT Island & CNBLUE “Stand Up” by M-Live’ on March 9

Huge entertainment group AEG from the United States will collaborate with CJ E & M to produce the global concert ‘M-Live.’
The ‘M-Live LA,’ in which FT Island and CNBLUE will appear, will be held on March 9 in LA. Since AEG decided to co-produce the concert with CJ E & M, the concert will be the first concert collaboration by Korean and global agency.
AEG is a sporting and music entertainment presenter in the United States and the company also has branches in Europe and China. It owns about 100 concert halls and operates around 55 sports teams. It directs over 6,200 projects, including, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, and Usher’s concerts. The company is one of the largest presenters of live music and entertainment events.
AEG will provide Nokia Theater for the ‘M-Live LA’ concert and they also have been promoted the concert abroad through international network. Tickets for the concert is currently on sale in the United States. The concert will make profits by selling tickets without being sponsored for the first time outside of Asia.
A spokesperson for CJ E & M says, “Many Korean agencies had difficulties finding local partners who they can trust and get information. Since we are collaborating with foreign entertainment group for the first time in Korea, K-pop will become more popular and qualities for concerts will be enhanced as well. We are currently discussing about multi-angled cooperation for the future.”
‘FT Island & CNBLUE “Stand Up” by M-Live,’ produced by CJ E & M and AEG, will be held at Nokia Theater in LA, the United States, on March 9 and invite over 5,000 foreign fans.
Source: Star Daily News

Big Bang making a “sparkling” return as commercial models

Before its comeback stage next month, Big Bang is to make appearance in a soft drink commercial
The Coca-Cola Company said on February 28, “We decided to keep Big Bang for another year as models for Sunny 10 Sparkling Ade commercial on TV.”
Previously, T.O.P and G-Dragon have appealed to the younger generation by remaking the commercial music in a sensational beat. Along with the group’s return performance, Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang joined commercial shooting, therefore all members of Big Bang are involved in modeling career.
The company added, “The stylish and trendy character of Big Bang goes felicitously well with Sunny 10 Sparkling Ade, so we have proceeded commercial shooting with the group for another year.”
The shooting wrapped up recently, now waiting to be aired in March on TV.

Source: Xportsnews

T-ara planning for 3rd anniversary

T-ara will hold a fan club inauguration ceremony and a concert this summer to mark its third anniversary.
The group’s agency Core Contents Media announced on Sunday that the band is currently brainstorming a series of events to take place in July.
The agency also said that the girl group members will reduce their acting commitments this year to focus on their music and on promotional efforts in Japan.
“Promotional work in Japan currently makes up about 10 percent of the group’s activities, but we aim to see the number increase to 30 percent,” the agency’s representative said.
Members of the K-pop group have featured on various TV programs. Eun-jung currently stars in the JTBC drama “Queen Insu” and starred in last year’s hit teen-drama “Dream High.” Ji-Yeon is currently starring in season two of “Dream High” while Hyo-min participated in the pilot for a Chinese version of the reality show “We Got Married.” Ji-yeon, So-yeon and Hyo-min appeared in the musical “Roly Poly,” based on one of the band’s hits, which closed Saturday after six weeks.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

U-Kiss to release single and album

Korean boy band U-Kiss will release both its second single, “Forbidden Love,” and its first Japanese album, “A Shared Dream,” tomorrow. The band has been busy promoting the two for over a week.
On the day of the album’s release, the band will perform for fans at Tokyo Dome City’s La Qua Garden Stage. Then the band will head to Shibuya for a record launch ceremony to be held on March 15 at Tower Records. It will continue to make appearances around the country throughout the month as part of its “U-Kiss First Japan Live Tour 2012.” From April 2 to 4, the group will attend fan meetings in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.
To generate press in advance of the album’s release in Japan, the band released the single “Tick Tack” there on Dec. 14. On the day of its release, the song went to No. 3 on Oricon’s daily singles chart. The group spent the rest of the year attending fan meetings there.
December was a good month for the band overall. The day after the release of “Tick Tack,” the band was named best male pop group at the 19th annual Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Beast holds first concert in China

K-pop group Beast touched down in Shanghai, China to perform its first ever solo concert on Feb. 25. The day before its “Beautiful Show” concert, the boy band was interviewed by Chinese media Web site
At the interview, the boy band members touched on a variety themes, from performing in separate unit groups to acting.
“We just want to thank all of our Chinese fans for their support and we promise to make the show a great one for you all,” said the group.
On the night of the concert, the group performed some new songs as well as partook in special segments designed by the band members to entertain the fans.
Ahead of the Chinese concert, the band was in Germany, performing in Berlin’s Columbia Hall on Feb.12. While in Europe, the boy band was heralded as “Korean missionaries to Europe” by the German daily newspaper Berliner Zeitung.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Infinite’s second solo concert in Japan ends in success

Infinite successfully ended their second solo concert in Japan.
Approximately 10,000 fans gathered for Infinite’s second solo concert, Second Invasion Japan Tokyo that was held on February 25 and 26.
Previously in January, the tickets were sold out in just 10 minutes thus many fans stood outside the concert.
In the concert that lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes, Infinite perfectly performed their hit songs live.
All seven members of Infinite thanked the fans for their enthusiastic responses and love and shed tears.
A representative of the concert revealed, “This was the hottest concert that I’ve ever had. They improved not only in performance but also in music.”
After their Japanese concert, Infinite will hold an encore concert on April 1 at 5:00 p.m at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Korea.
Source: Xportsnews

EXID says, “We are not another cheesy girl group”

“We don’t want hear people saying ‘There comes another cheesy girl group.’” Rookie girl group EXID revealed their aspiration and stories behind their debut.
The six-member girl group made the debut in the K-Pop world with the song “Holla” on February 16.
Creating an issue for being produced by Shinsa-dong Horang,” EXID had an interview on Xportsnews at the AB Entertainment office, in Cheongdam-dong, on February 24.
They are all-ready members
Yooji, Junghwa, Haelyung, and Hani used to be trainees at JYP Entertainment, one of the major entertainment agencies in Korea. Junghwa spent five years at JYP. When she just belonged to the agency, at the age of 12, she took part in shooting the music video of the song “Tell Me.”
LE used to be a member of Jiggy Fellaz, with the name Elly, and is a rapper, who featured songs of MBLAQ and Huh Gak. She is the only member who was cast by the producer Shinsa-dong Horang himself.
Unexpectedly, EXID came out with the song with a style that seems to be a lot different from their producer’s. The title song “Whoz That Girl” features drums and bases, excluding electronic sound, which means the highlighted rap and vocal part. And that is a lot different from producer Shinsa-dong Horang’s unique, treandy, and electronic style.
Hani explains, “That’s a strategy to go reverse, to avoid being too ordinary. He (the produce) discussed a lot with us before producing ‘Whoz That Girl.’ He predicted songs of relaxing style will be in trend rather than song that are prevalent now.”
What about the next song after “Whoz That Girl”? Janghwa eluded the reply by saying, “Horang is now in the middle of producing it, and I haven’t heard of it.” However, the other members replied, “We will show the different side that hasn’t been released.”
Source: Xportsnews

4minute’s Hyun Ah and little Jung Yoon make a cute couple

4minute’s Hyun Ah revealed a picture of a boy kissing her.
On the afternoon of February 28, Hyun Ah uploaded pictures and tweeted, “I’m Jung Yoon’s ‘cherry’.”
She added, “Jung Yoon’s picture taking skills.”
In the picture, she is wearing a gray jacket and a white muffler. Little Jung Yoon is wearing a blue jumper and a striped woolen hat. Many men were jealous of the little Jung Yoon because he’s kissing Hyun Ah’s cheeks.
Netizens commented: “Who’s Jung Yoon?” “They make a good couple.” “Look at cherry’s eyes. Where is she looking at?” “Hyun Ah’s crystal clear skin is radiating.”
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong receives ‘Shorty Award’ 2 years in a row

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong has ranked first in the celebrity category at ‘The 4th Shorty Awards’ for 2 years in a row.
‘Shorty Awards’ chooses the best celebrities and organizations on Twitter. They have 26 categories, including, government, politic, music, and celebrity. Kim won first place in the celebrity category.
Kim beat Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez to take first place for the second year in a row and proved that he is a popular star on Twitter.
Winners in each category will be invited to the ‘Shorty Awards Ceremony,’ which will be held in New York in March. They will make an acceptance speech using only 140 words, just like the letter minimum on Twitter.
Winners are chosen by nomination, then voted for on the Shorty Awards website and Twitter. Members of The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences evaluate the final winners.
Kim and his group JYJ members are currently preparing for their concert in Chile and Peru.