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February 14, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core February 11, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core February 11, 2012
Special MC : Teen Top’s Niel, Chunji, L.Joe
Hot Stage : MBLAQ “This is War”, T-ARA “Lovey Dovey”, Teen Top “CRAZY”
Goodbye Stage : Boyfriend “I’ll Be There”, Rainbow Pixie “Hoi Hoi”
Comeback Stage : Boga Kingz “Don’t Go”, Sweet S B : orrow “VIVA!’, Davichi “생각 날꺼야”
Hot Debut : Ailee “Heaven”, SPICA “Russian Roulette”
This week’s cats were Block B, X-5, ChoColat, Wink, ChAOS, Fat Cat, Ailee, Sweet Sorrow, SPICA, Nine Muses, B.A.P, Buga Kingz, Rainbow Pixie, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, Davichi, FTIsland, Teen Top, T-ARA and MBLAQ

MBLAQ : This is War

Teen Top : CRAZY

FTIsland : Severely

Davichi : I’ll Think Of You

SPICA : Russian Roulette

Sweet Sorrow : VIVA!

Ailee : Heaven

Block B : Nanrina

ChoColat : Same Thing to Her

Wink : Adda, go-gout-cham

ChAOS : SHe’s Coming

Fat Cat : Is Being Pretty Everything?

Nine Muses : NEWS

Buga Kingz : Don’t Go

Dal Shabet : Hit U
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Music Bank press conference photos.

Chicago Will Hold a Second Flashmob for an “SMTOWN Live Concert”

Mark your calenders, because they are coming!
Chicago is not letting anything get in their way for the chance to have an “SMTOWN Live Concert” in their own city. Fans in the American midwestern region are planning to perform another flashmob this summer as a sequel to their first flashmob in November of 2011.
June or July are the possible months the next flashmob is scheduled to take place. Super Junior, Girls Generation and SHINee will be proud to see their dedicated fans grooving to their hit tunes on their home soil.
SM Entertainment will hold audition in Chicago, IL on Feburary 20th.
Will you be attending the next flashmob?

Miss A Releases Jia’s Teaser Video for “Touch”

Following Suzy‘s teaser clip, AQ Entertainment uploaded member Jia‘s teaser video on February 15th. In the video, the singer is seen playing the piano and pricking her finger on the stem of a rose. The entire clip closes with Jia holding a bleeding rose while lying down.
Check out the clip below:

Miss A will return to the K-pop scene with their fourth album “Touch” on February 20th.

Source: @AQEntertainment

A white rose turns red at Suzy’s touch. Check out Miss A’s teaser!

Recently, Miss A has released a teaser announcing their coming back to broadcast is near.
On February 14 at 10:00 a.m., Miss A revealed its first teaser on its official website and YouTube.
The teaser shows Suzy appearing in a European hall surrounded with an antique and mysterious atmosphere. She carefully walks on the hallway strewn with roses. Suzy is wearing a fancy white dress with lace and approaches a black suit in the hall to touch the rose in it. The rose turns red at the instant of her touch and when she turns back, her face is filled with sorrow and tears.
The teaser ends with captions “Love that blossom in pain” and “Touch.” The message and Suzy’s sad look gives a faint feeling while it also builds expectations over upcoming teasers of Jia, Fei, and Min.
Miss A’s teaser is available on its official website and YouTube.

Source: TV Report

TEEN TOP is the triple-crown winner, but is not satisfied with the honor

TEEN TOP currently achieved a triple crown by becoming the number one among prominent rivals for top three music shows of Korea’s major TV networks, but they keeps on moving by, this time, challenging themselves in a popular variety and reality show.
T.O.P. Media, TEEN TOP’s agency, has announced on February 15: “TEEN TOP was decided to appear in a reality show as main members through which each member will surely reveal their unknown appeals. The show will air via a popular cable channel under the title TEEN TOP’s The Secret Island.”
The show will be TEEN TOP’s version of KBS’s popular reality show One Night and Two Days. It is expected to give pleasant memories to the members who have been killingly busy lately with crowded schedules.

During trips for each episode of the show, the members are sure to have many chances to reveal their real selves. Fans and viewers have high expectations to have a rare chance to peek at their private and daily lives.
TEEN TOP’s The Secret Island will air at 5:00 p.m. every Wednesday via
Source: TV Report

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkygayo for February 12, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkygayo for February 12, 2012
Today MC : Nicole, IU, Goo Hara
This week’s Mutizen Song : Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”
This week’s Take Seven :
#2. MBLAQ “This is War”
#3. Rainbow Pixie “Hoi Hoi”
#4. Teen Top “Crazy”
#5. Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”
#6. FTIsland “Severely”
#7. SunnyHill “Grasshopper Song”
Comeback Special :
#1. Davichi ; I will Think of You
Hot Debut : SPICA “Russian Roulette”
Goodbye Stage : Boyfriend “I’ll Be There”, Rainbow Pixie “Hoi Hoi”
Inkygayo Campaign Song : Dal Shabet “Low-Carbon Campaign Song”
This week’s cats were Wink, ChAOS, LED Apple, J-Cera, Lee Hyun, Ailee, Fat Cat,MARIO, Rainbow Pixie, Brian Joo, Boyfriend, SPICA, SunnyHill, B.A.P, T-ARA, Teen Top, Davichi, MBLAQ, FTIsland and Se7en.

Se7en : When I Can’t Sing

T-ARA : Lovey Dovey

MBLAQ : This is War

Teen Top : Crazy

FTIsland : Severely


Boyfriend : I’ll Be There

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The new boy group B.A.P looks like princes from fairy tales

The high-profile boy band B.A.P recently released a cut from their online pictorial.
In the 1st Look, an online pictorial by B.A.P that released on February 14, B.A.P showed off a fresh, pure look, which is completely different from how they looked during promoting their debut song, “Warrior.” In the photo, they look like princes from fairy tales.
Leader Bang Young Kook looks hot enough to make female fan swoon while wearing a white t-shirt and a blue jacket and serving up a bright smile. The youngest Jello puts on a cute look ,bulging his cheeks. The other members also show off long legs and fabulous figure while wearing black-and-white tone outfits.
B.A.P is causing a sensation by landing No.10 on the Billboard World Album chart just in one week after their debut. They were also included in Inkigayo’s Take 7 just in 3 weeks after their debut, and are being active both in domestic and overseas showbiz.
Source: Sports Korea