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February 14, 2012

TEEN TOP is the triple-crown winner, but is not satisfied with the honor

TEEN TOP currently achieved a triple crown by becoming the number one among prominent rivals for top three music shows of Korea’s major TV networks, but they keeps on moving by, this time, challenging themselves in a popular variety and reality show.
T.O.P. Media, TEEN TOP’s agency, has announced on February 15: “TEEN TOP was decided to appear in a reality show as main members through which each member will surely reveal their unknown appeals. The show will air via a popular cable channel under the title TEEN TOP’s The Secret Island.”
The show will be TEEN TOP’s version of KBS’s popular reality show One Night and Two Days. It is expected to give pleasant memories to the members who have been killingly busy lately with crowded schedules.

During trips for each episode of the show, the members are sure to have many chances to reveal their real selves. Fans and viewers have high expectations to have a rare chance to peek at their private and daily lives.
TEEN TOP’s The Secret Island will air at 5:00 p.m. every Wednesday via
Source: TV Report

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