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May 07, 2012

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plans song release at fan meeting

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plans to release his new songs at a Korean fan meeting.
CNBLUE will hold their first fan meeting Voice Day at Yonsei University in Seoul on May 5 at 6:00 in the afternoon. They will hold a mini concert at the fan meeting and will meet with their fans.
The group prepared a special programs so they could have a wonderful time with their fans. They will perform several songs, including “In My Head,” “Tattoo,” “Love Girl,” and “One Time,” which were written by Jung Yong Hwa, live. They also prepared games and made the fans curious.
At the fan meeting, CNBLUE and their fans will raise money for a cause as well. The fund will be donated to CNBLUE School, run and sponsored by CNBLUE, in Africa. CNLBUE’s fans were asked to raise funds voluntarily and made the fan meeting more special.
The group says, “We are so excited to meet our fans. We are working hard to show a different side of us. We think we will have great time playing games together.”
Source: TV Report

Sexy diva G.NA will return in May to compete against other divas

Sexy diva G.NA will return with her new album at the end of May.
On May 4, G.NA’s agency, Cube Entertainment, said that G.NA is working on the second half of her album, which will be released at the end of May. It’s been 9 months since she released her second mini album Top Girlin August of last year.
Popular songwriter Kim Do Hoon helped G.NA make her new album. She will transformed into a mature lady rather than showing her sexy and bubbly charms.
G.NA has become a popular sexy solo artist by releasing several hit songs, including, “I’ll Leave So You Can Live,” “Black and White,” and “Top Girl.” She also has become a fashion icon by showing off her great fashion sense as a fashionista.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “G.NA will show off her mature look. She is currently keeping busy working on her album.”
G.NA will return with other divas, including Ivy, who recently released her new song “Torn Heart,” Baek Ji Young, who will return in this month, Son Dam Bi, and Lee Hyo Ri. IU will also release her new single on May 11 and will compete against other female solo artists.
Source: Starnews

B.A.P enter the top 10 of the Billboard’s World Albums

B.A.P entered the top ten of the Billboard’s World Albums with their new album. It’s the second time after their debut album entering the top 10 of the chart.
According to the latest chart of the Billboard (dated May 12) on May 4, B.A.P’s second single album Powerranked tenth on World Albums of the Billboard.
B.A.P also entered the top ten of the Billboard’s World Albums with their debut album Warrior, released in January this year.
It’s significantly meaningful because B.A.P achieved it without officially releasing the album in the U.S.
The Billboard Chart rank the songs based on the information provided by Nielsen SoundScan, which counts the sales volumes of all albums and sound sources in the U.S.
B.A.P’s Power ranked first and second on iTunes Store Top 10 Hip-hop Albums in Canada and the U.S., respectively, beating Jay-Z and Kanye West.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a picture with his brother

Super Junior’s Yesung recently released a self portrait which he took with his brother Kim Jong Jin.
On May 4, Yesung tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Nice weather.”
In the picture, Yesung is posing with his brother in comfortable clothes. Yesung is showing off charismatic eyes but his brother looks kind.
People responded: “They both look handsome.” “They look alike.” “Yesung is spending time with his family during his break.”
Super Junior ranked first with their song “Mr. Simple” for 37 weeks in a row on popular Taiwanese music site KKBOX Korean music Top 100 chart.
They have ranked first with “Bonamana” from their 4th album for 63 weeks in a row in 2010. As a result, they have ranked first for a total of 100 weeks in a row.
Source: Starnews

KARA’s Goo Hara shows off her face without makeup

KARA’s Goo Hara recently attracted attention by showing off her face without makeup.
On May 4, Goo uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “Here you go! The weather’s so nice today.”
In the picture, Goo is lying on the bed in a black T-shirt. She’s especially attracting attention with her face without makeup, which is still very pretty.
People responded: “Goo Hara is the goddess,” “Your face without makeup is almost like a piece of art,” “Is she really not wearing makeup? I don’t look like that without makeup.”
Source: Xportsnews

Tiny-G’s debut song “Polaris” will be released on May 5

Tiny-G’s debut song “Polaris,” which Jay Park and Lee Si Young gave them as a gift, will be released on May 5.
Park and Lee promised to give a song that fits the style of the new girl group Tiny-G on MBC TV’s Written by the Woman and Composed by the Man. After studying Tiny-G’s style and character, they created “Polaris.”
Tiny-G perfectly sang “Polaris” in low voice, and the song was selected as their debut song.
Before releasing the album, Tiny-G appeared on MBC Music’s Show Champion on April 24 and attracted the viewers’ attention with their music and performance.
A spokesperson for Tiny-G says, “Polaris” is a song with impressive lyrics and melody. What Jay Park and Lee Si Young wanted to tell was well expressed by Tiny-G. After the show aired, “Polaris” is receiving wide attention.”
Tiny-G will debut in June and start promoting themselves and the song.
Source: TV Report

Jay Park in the Philippines

Korean Pop Sensation Jay Park finally arrived in the Philippines last May 03, 2012. Today the press conference for Jay Park’s album tour has commenced. As have been previously announced, Jay Park will be performing in three (3) malls consecutively from May 04 – 06, 2012 and will be guesting on local shows like“Showtime”, etc. He will be promoting his first full-length album titled, “New Breed” wherein he penned the lyrics to 80% of the songs. The album contained 15 tracks wherein he collaborated with popular artists likeDynamic Duo, Tiger JK, etc. The concept of his full-length album is to show a brand new “Jay Park”.
Before the press conference started three (3) music videos of songs from his new album was played for the enjoyment of media representatives present. The following songs were played; “Know Your Name”, “Girlfriend” and “Star”. “Know Your Name” is the lead single for his album.
The press conference started with the introduction made my VJ Chino, a popular VJ from MYX, the no. 1 music channel in the Philippines. It was then followed by Jay Park’s appearance. After that was the question and answer portion. Jay Park talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being a solo artists, he discussed the inspiration and concept of his album. He also discussed how he write lyrics. He mentioned that what he remembered the most from his previous visits in the Philippines was the warm welcome and the hospitality the Filipinos showered him with. He thanks everyone for the interest. He then said that the song he decided to dedicate to his Filipino fans is the song, “Girlfriend” because he finds Filipino girls beautiful.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s sister about to debut? She looks just like her brother!

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s little sister has been unveiled, attracting people’s eyes.
Recently, a netizen captured a tweet of Kim Jae Joong’s mother, Oh Seo Jin, and posted it on an online community board with the title “Kim Jae Joong’s sister about to debut.”
In the posting, Oh wrote, “The youngest one decided to enter the Department of Theater and is about to debut. We’ve met director yesterday, and today we’re going to have a meal with station manager at an annex hall of KBS building. He says that he likes her pure image, but since she doesn’t know how to dress up in a stylish way, she seems to fall behind the trend. I’m so concerned.”
Along the posting, a picture of Kim Jae Joong’s sister was revealed. It was first uploaded on February 4 by Oh on Twitter. Kim’s younger sister shows well-defined features just like her brother, and her flawless skin appeals an innocent image.
Netizens reacted: “No wonder they are related by blood.” “Is this another brother and sister celebrities after Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan?” “She’s a pure beauty.”
Source: Xportsnews

B.A.P celebrating their 100th day from the debut: “Let’s celebrate it together!”

B.A.P. has revealed a heartwarming picture celebrating their 100th day from the debut.
Early on the 5th of May, the group said hi to their fans on Facebook and commented, “B.A.P on its 100th day! Celebrate with us.” Today (May 5) is 100th day for the group since their debut with the song “Warrior.”
In the picture, members are smiling brightly celebrating their special day. They sport a fresh charm which makes them look different from their charismatic appearance on stage.
Above the picture, each member left a handwritten comment.
The messages read: “What’s up, Baby! Are you guys are full-charged with us? Let’s celebrate our 100th day together.” “Hello, dear Babies. Thank you so much for coming to see us despite the hot weather.” “Hey Babies, I’m not sick anymore. Let’s move on together, baby.” They expressed their love for their fans through with the comments.
On April 27, B.A.P released the song “Power” and is busy giving performances.
Source: Starnews

2PM’s Woo Young shows off a birthday gift given by Chan Sung: “It looked scary at first”

2PM’s Woo Young revealed a birthday gift he received.
On May 5, the star tweeted, “I received a birthday gift from Chan Sung. When I first saw it, seriously, it looked scary. But it looks adorable now. Thank you, Chan Sung!” Then he added a picture with another tweet, “Lol exciting.”
The picture shows a white tiger which has close appearance to a real-life tiger. In another picture, Woo Young is looking into the camera putting his head together with the doll. He inspires laughter as he tries to mimic the tiger’s scary look by frowning but ending up making a funny face.
Netizens who saw the picture commented: “It doesn’t look like a birthday present, but rather a present for Children’s Day.” “Wow. But what does that tiger mean as a birthday gift?” “You must be happy. Happy belated birthday. Have wonderful Children’s Day.”
Source: Starnews

[Exclusive] Kim Hyun Joong puts up a spectacular performance in Singapore!

On 4th May, Hallyu prince, ‘God of Universe’ – Kim Hyun Joong, heated up Singapore Indoor Stadium with 3000 fans in total. Among the fans, many specially traveled from different parts of the world to Singapore just to catch Hyun Joong’s 1st official Asia Tour. Although it was said to be a fanmeet, but with an upgraded scale, there’s no doubt to say it’s actually a mini-concert. Almost to the level of a full fledged concert, performing 15 songs in total and providing great fan services, Kim Hyun Joong once again captured hearts of many, bringing everyone to their feet towards the end of the concert.
The concert started with a video clip of the birth of Kim Hyun Joong, the ‘God of Universe’. As the screen disappears, Kim Hyun Joong came into the scene with the song ‘Let Me Go’ followed by title song from his first album, ‘Break Down’. Cheers and screams from the fans filled the stadium as he performed.
Always with a thankful heart, Kim Hyun Joong dedicated the song ‘Thank You’ to fans at the concert, specially thanking each and everyone for coming to his concert to support him. In addition, he has specially prepared english lyrics of ‘Happiness is…’, teaching fans how to sing the line, asking fans to join him when he gave fans the mic. The line of lyrics in English is really sweet – “Happiness is without you baby, I can’t even imagine it.”
A video clip was shown as he went backstage, it shown the 5 thing he would like to do for his girlfriends. One of the scenes in which he back-hugged a giant teddy bear, acting out the scene from titanic, has made fans wishing that they could be the lucky one!
During the game session, 5 lucky fans were called onto the stage to play ‘One-Mind’ game with Kim Hyun Joong, 4 of them walked away with gifts specially prepared by Hyun Joong. After which, Hyun Joong performed ‘Smile’ from album ‘Lucky’. He expresses that fans in Singapore are really lucky as this is the first time he has performed the song for fans.
Serenading ‘Marry You’ to a lucky fan, proposing to her, giving her roses, causing many fans to scream out loud at the scene. Indeed, what his fans call him as King of Fan Service! The fanmeet proceeded on with more songs from his recent album, Lucky Guy and also newest OST ‘If you are like me’. As the last song was sang, he sadly said ‘I’m sad that this fanmeet has came to an end’, however, he has promised fans that he will be back once again with new albums and songs for a full-fledged concert in the near future.

Fans shouted ‘encore! encore!’ in unison, and without upsetting the fans, Hyun Joong came back with ‘One More Time’ from his drama ‘Playful Kiss’, walking through the crowd of fans, getting as close to fans as possible. This time round, the concert really came to an end after ‘Lucky Guy’ was performed again. Fans rose to their feet, jumping to the beats, savoring every moments with their dream guy.
But that’s not all, Kim Hyun Joong held hi-5 session with all fans, thanking them personally, smiling and taking a closer look at each an everyone. With that, he has successfully ended his 1st stop of Asia Tour fanmeeting in a joyful mood.
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Big Bang WINNER at the MTV Italy Trl Awards 2012

ig Bang is the WINNER of the “Best Fan” category ar the MTV Italy trl Awards 2012.
On May 5th at 23.50(Italian time) they were announced as winners together with their VIPs.
They were in competition with other four artists: Emma,Alessandra Amoroso, Avril Lavigne and One Direction.
As everyone could see on the MTV Italy’s mail box,in which fans could leave messages, the most heated confrontation was the one between Directioners and VIPs. But the last one asserted themselves and brought their Idols to the victory.
Big Bang couldn’t be in Florence to receive the well-deserved prize,but on the satge,instead of them, went their “Best Italian Fan” (Previously MTV had selected one person as best fan for each artist in the homonymous category), Isabella, who took the prize for them.
Isabella and the rest of the Italian VIPS were really excited and some of them couldn’t keep back their tears because of the goods news. Moreover , also the international VIPs helped the Italians and the trend#BigBangFantasticVIPs became 3rd among the Italian trends and 4th among the international ones.
Also the fans who stayed at home,but tuned in the program,celebrated for the victory posting on internet comments such as “You deserve it” , “Guys you are amazing” , “BB and their VIPs are the best” and “Italy loves you”.
Source : MTV Italy

IU says goodbye with a bright smile

Singer IU provided the best fan service with her bright smile.
Recently on an online community board, pictures titled, “Lovely IU getting off work.” have been uploaded.
The pictures show IU waving her hand to her fans.
It has been revealed that a fan of IU took these pictures after the shooting of SBS TV’s Inkigayo on April 22. According to this fan, IU waved her hands to the fans until she could no longer see them.
Currently, IU is sweeping across many music charts with “Peach,” a song from her new single Spring of a Twenty Year Old, which has been revealed on May 4.
Source: TV Report