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April 09, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for April 8, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for April 8, 2012
Today MC : IU, Goo HARA, Nicole
This week’s Mutizen Song : SHINee “Sherlock”
This week’s Take Seven :
#1. 2AM ”I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”
#2. SHINee “Sherlock”
#3. BigBang “Fantastic Baby”
#4. CNBLue “Hey You”
#5. BTOB “Insane”
#7. B1A4 “Baby I’m Sorry”
Comeback Special :
-Jang Na Ra “I Only Think of You”
Debut Special :
-EXO-K “History”, “MAMA”
Inkygayo Campaign Song :
-SHINee “Traffic Safety Song”
This week’s cats were LED Apple, Tritops, Na Yoon Kwon, M4, Taw & HAHA, Jang Hee Young, Nine Muses, Jang Na Ra, BTOB, SPICA, NU’EST, B1A4, EXO-K, CNBLue, 2AM, SHINee and BigBang.

SHINee “Sherlock”

BigBang “Bad Boy”, “Fantastic Baby”

2AM ”I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”

CNBLue “Hey You”

BTOB ”Insane”

Jang Na Ra “I Only Think of You”

EXO-K “History”, “MAMA”

Nine Muses “Ticket”

Jang Hee Young “Love is Pain”

Taw & HAHA ”The Person By My Arm”

M4 “Though Love Leaves”

Na Yoon Kwon “Beautiful”

Tritops “I’m Bad Guy”

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SISTAR to hold a comeback showcase on Apr. 12

SISTAR will hold a global comeback showcase on April 12, releasing their new minialbum.
Coming back to the music scene after eight months, SISTAR will hold a showcase to release their new songs and air it to 41 countries through YouTube and Melon.
As SISTAR changed their concept into an alluring, charismatic one from the previous healthy, lively, sexy one, many people are excited about their new album and showcase.
Several celebrities, including Gag Concert‘s Brave Guys (Jung Tae Ho, Park Sung Kwang, Shin Bora, and Yang Sun Il), will also make guest appearances and give diverse, powerful performances.
“Alone,” the title track of SISTAR’s new album was composed by Brave Brothers. As a new type of song specially made for SISTAR, it immediately captivates the music fans.
Unlike the previous powerful dance music, SISTAR are expected to release a different style of music this time.
SISTAR’s new minialbum will be released on April 12.
Source: Xportsnews

JYP warns the person who posts malicious comments about So Hee of Wonder Girls

While So Hee (of Wonder Girls) was suffering from some malicious comments on Twitter, JYP Entertainment, her agency, warned the person who posted the malicious comments to delete them.
To the person who has left malicious comments about So Hee on Twitter since April 7, JYP politely asked to delete the comments at first. However, as he continued to post more malicious comments, JYP eventually posted a warning comment.
On April 8, JYP left a comment on their official Twitter account, “You’re damaging So Hee’s reputation by constantly spreading false information and insulting comments about her on Twitter. If you do not delete the comments, we’ll have to take legal action.”
On April 9, a spokesperson for JYP said, “We told the person to delete all malicious comments that he posted. If he doesn’t delete them, we’ll accuse him of the violation of the law on utilization of information network system and information protection and of contempt.”
However, this person keeps ignoring the warning with such comments as, “If you want to sue me, do so!” “I’m not going to delete the comments,” “You have no rights to threaten me like that!”
Source: Starnews

Jay Park to come back to the Philippines this May 2012!

Good news, Filipino Jaywalkers! MCA Music, who had organized countless of events for local and international artists, have recently announced that Jay Park will once again come back to the Philippines this coming May 4 – 8, 2012Jay Park first came to the Philippines in October 2010 for a fanmeet followed by his second visit last October 29, 2011 as the main performer for the MTV EXIT concert in Manila. He performed alongside other local and international artists and made the concert a success. Now he is coming for his third visit much to the excitement of his fans. Due to the photo released by MCA Music, fans have speculated that his visit this coming May could be in line with the promotion of his new album, “New Breed”. Further details regarding the event are yet to be announced.
Source: MCA Music

EXO-K’s music video ranks 7th and receives over a million hits on YouTube

A music video for “MAMA,” SM Entertainment’s new idol group EXO-K’s title song from their first mini album, is receiving a lot of attention.
On April 8, the music video was released on YouTube and the video ranked 7th on the ‘Most Viewed Videos’ on YouTube on April 9.
The video also entered the Top 5 lists in today’s ‘Most Discussed Videos,’ ‘Most Liked,’ and ‘Top Favorited Videos.’ It also ranked first on the ‘Most Viewed Videos’ in Korean YouTube chart. This proves that the group is receiving international attention.
In addition, the two versions of the music video for EXO-K and EXO-M received over one million hits on YouTube.
EXO-K appeared in the April 8 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo and performed their title song “MAMA” and “History” from their mini album. Their powerful performance on their successful debut stage captured the public’s attention.
Source: Starnews

4Minute top the charts, beating Busker Busker

4Minute topped the charts right after they came back to the music scene.
Released on April 9 at midnight, 4Minute’s new title song, “Volume Up” has been topping the real-time charts of Mnet, Soribada, and Bugs.
4Minute also ranked second or third on Melon, Olleh Music, and Monkey 3, threatening Busker Busker.
Several songs of Busker Busker, such as “Cherry Blossom Ending,” “Yeosu Night Sea” and “First Love,” recently made a big hit, consistently ranking in the top ten.
4Minute also attracted attention by changing into charismatic goddesses from sexy female warriors in terms of concept. Their new title song “Volume Up” was co-composed by Sinsadong Horaengi and Rado, who have worked with 4Minute since their debut. Starting with a saxophone sound, the song gives a strong impression with its stylish melody.
People are now paying a lot of attention to 4Minute’s new song and performance as much as their stylish looks.
Source: Starnews