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April 20, 2012

CNBlue closing its activity already: “Need some time off for individual activities”

CNBlue is wrapping up its group activities which lasted for about a month and is now beginning on individual work.
After releasing its new album Ear Fun in March, the group has been busy giving performances of the title track “Hey You,” and now they are closing their activity on a music show this weekend.
CNBlue’s agency said, “The band’s official activity will be wrapped up after their performance on a music show this weekend. Jung Yong Hwa will take some time off individually and recharge before beginning to work on the next album. Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun will be focusing on acting career in the TV series Unexpected You and Gentleman’s Dignity.
Currently, Kang is playing in KBS’s drama series Unexpected You while Lee is cast to appear in SBS’s seriesGentleman’s Dignity which will open in May, therefore busy with shooting schedules.
Source: Xportsnews

Funny Alert! Big Bang’s G-Dragon raises a black-billed magpie

A post titled “GD raises a pet black-billed magpie” is causing a sensation.
The post was uploaded on a number of community sites on April 19.
The post includes a series of pictures, in the first of which, Big Bang’s G-Dragon looks lousy just after being woken up. What’s eye-catching is his hairdo, which is heavily tousled. In the next picture, some magic slowly began to work. In the third picture, a black bird appears, and in the next ones, it flies off with GD’s hair! A netizen who posted this amazing work created it using photoshop.
Netizens responded: “At seeing the title, I thought GD really raises a magpie.” “It looks really funny, and GD is so cute.” “Looking lousy but still awesome.” “I bust into a laughter as soon as seeing the post.”
G-Dragon is to give a joint performance with Park Ji Min and TOP for a special stage in SBS’s K-Pop Star. The episode featuring the high-profile performance is to air on April 22.
Source: TV Report

Busker Busker sells over 50,000 copies of its album in just three weeks

The popularity of the band Busker Busker is still heating up.
On April 19, Hanteo chart which sums up record sales of artists reported that by April 18, Busker Busker has sold over 50,476 copies of its first album which was released on March 29.
It is a remarkable figure to be achieved in just three weeks. Because the album’s supply and demand fell short and resulted scarcity of item, the achievement surprised fans even more.
Last year, there were only fifteen singing groups who had sold over 50,000 copies of album. Those groups were mostly “idols,” such as Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, JYJ, and Big Bang. So as a rookie band, Busker Busker has achieved something very remarkable, showing off its potential.
The band is also remaining strong in music market. Its title track “Cherry Blossom Ending” has ranked at the top of Billboard K-pop chart as well as on Melon and for 12 days in a row. Even after four weeks since the release, it is firmly staying at the top of various music charts such as Naver Music and Cyworld Music.
The band is planning on giving an exclusive concert “Youth Bus” at Yonsei 100th Memorial Hall on May 5 and 6.
Source: Starnews

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for April 19, 2012

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for April 19, 2012
This week’s first ranking : Shinhwa “Venus”
And nominees for first place
-Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Flower”
-4minute “Volume Up”
Comeback Stage
-Nell “The Day Before”
-Girl’s Day “Oh My God”
-Baek Chung Kang “Missing U”
-Soriso “Heroin”
Goodbye Stage
-SHINee “Stranger”, “Sherlock”
Today MC : Tony Ahn & Bora(SISTAR)
This week’s cast were Shinhwa, SHINee, Noel, 4minute, SISTAR, EXO-K, BTOB, Huh Gak, Seo In Guk, Bae Chi Gi, Girl’s Day, Tritops, Soriso and Baek Chung Kang.

Shinhwa “Venus”

4minute “Volume Up”

Nell “The Day Before”

Baek Chung Kang “Missing U”

Soriso “Heroin”

SHINee “Stranger”, “Sherlock”

BTOB “Insane”

Seo In guk “Tease Me”flth

Tritops “I am Bad Boy”

Huh Gak “A Someone Who Loved Me”

Bae Chi Gi “To. Mary”

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The longest running K-pop idol group in history, Shinhwa, tops a music chart

The longest running K-pop idol group in history, Shinhwa, recently topped a music chart, beating much younger idol groups. Debuted in 1998 with six members, the group is making a legend as their team name suggests. Shinhwa means the Korean word for myth or legend.
On the episode of Mnet’s M!Countdown that aired on April 19, the six-member group ranked first with the single “Venus” from their tenth album Return.
The legendary group demonstrated the return of the king by ranking first toppling the formidable younger groups including SHINee, Busker Busker, and 4MINUTE.
The six members cried out of happiness for being on top after a four-year hiatus. Their loyal fans also swooned over the long awaited pleasure.
The long-running group gave a fantastic performance although there was an injured member in order to pay the reward to their faithful, ardent fans. Then, the six members attributed their success to their dear fans and promised to keep doing their best.
Getting ready to appeal to Asian fans, Shinhwa is to start an Asian tour with the kick-off in Shanghai on April 30.
Source: Xportsnews

Supernova come back to the music scene

Supernova released a new album in two years and successfully came back to the music scene.
On April 19, Supernova performed the title song “Stupid Love” live on Mnet’s M Countdown.
Dressed in black and white, Supernova fascinated the music fans with powerful music and perfect group dance.
To see Supernova’s comeback performance, over 300 overseas fans from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia came to CJ E&M center where M Countdown was held. From the overseas fans’ enthusiastic response, the popularity of Supernova could be seen.
The overseas fans also swarmed to record shops to buy Supernova’s new album. As they came to Korea to see Supernova’s comeback performance, they also visited the record shops to buy the group’s minialbum, which is scheduled to be released on April 20. A spokesperson for one of the record shops says, “I was very surprised by Supernova’s popularity in overseas countries.”
Supernova will continue performing and promoting their new song on other TV music programs.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun to release a new album in May

The first unit group of SNSD will soon debut.
On April 19, SM Entertainment, SNSD’s agency, announced, “SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun will form a unit group SNSD-Tae Ti Seo and will soon release their first album.”
SNSD’s unit group will change its members according to the music style and concept. It is to highlight the talent of each member of SNSD.
The unit group’s debut album TWINKLE, scheduled to be released on May 2, is composed of various different genres of music that come with Seohyun’s attractive voice and musical talent. Including its music video, the song is already expected to make a hit.
After releasing the third album The Boys in October last year, all SNSD members were busy with their own schedule. Taeyeon made a cameo appearance on a drama series, participated in the soundtrack of the drama series The King 2 Hearts, and hosted TV shows. Tiffany also debuted as a musical actress through the musicalFame, receiving favorable reviews for her voice and acting, and participated in the soundtrack of the drama series Love Rain.
In addition, Seohyun released an song in collaboration with Yoon Gun, participated in the soundtrack of the drama series Fashion King, and hosted TV shows. Many music fans are already paying attention to the new music and performance of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s Dae Sung tells how to wash his face

Big Bang’s Dae Sung attracted attention by telling his unique way of washing his face.
In the third episode of SBS TV’s Go Show that was recently recorded, Big Bang made a guest appearance and talked about people with supernatural powers.
In the segment named G File, the hosts pointed out Dae Sung’s bad facial skin.
At this, Dae Sung said he pays special attention to his skin care and told host Go Hyun Jung’s way of washing her face as his know-how.
However, Dae Sung added his know-how to Go’s and surprised everyone by making it as his own unique way of washing his face.
Go also said his way of washing face is actually good for facial skin.
The third episode of SBS TV’s Go Show with Big Bang as guests will air on April 20 at 11:05 p.m.
Source: Xportsnews

U-Kiss to release their new song “Amazing”

U-Kiss are releasing their new song “Amazing,” which is included in their sixth minialbum, on April 20.
U-Kiss are releasing a new album in about eight months. Releasing a new album DORADORA on April 25, they’ll start promoting the album. After their comeback to the Korean music scene was announced, many people enthusiastically responded to it. At this, U-Kiss decided to release one of their new songs before the release of their new album.
“Amazing,” which is scheduled to be released on April 20 at midnight, is produced by U-Kiss’s AJ and Dongnaehyung who composed Mighty Mouse’s “Tok Tok.” As an electronic synthpop song with rap and vocal parts in perfect harmony, it’s about getting away from the tiring life to experience something thrilling and exciting.
U-Kiss’s fans responded: “I’m so excited to hear that AJ’s song is the one to be released first,” “I’m so curious about what kind of song it will be,” “I want to listen to that song soon.”
U-Kiss’s new album, scheduled to be released on April 25, perfectly combines U-Kiss’s distinctive charms and new music style. The album is attracting many music fans’ attention as hit song maker Kim Hyung Suk (K-Note), Jay Park, and Ryon Jeon participated in it.
On April 25, U-Kiss will also perform on Mnet’s M Countdown – Hello Japan, M Countdown One Asia Tour 2012, which will take place at Saitama Super Arane in Japan.
Source: Star Daily News