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September 19, 2012

IU gives a kiss to her fans

IU recently showed off a cute look.
On September 18, IU uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “It’s been already five months since I started tweeting. I changed my profile picture for the first time in almost six months. I’ll change it again after six months.”
In the picture, IU is showing off a cute look, pushing out her lips. She’s also showing off her clean, white skin. This picture is especially attracting attention with funny pictures superimposed on IU’s cheeks.
Her natural look is also eye-catching. IU looks comfortable in a neat striped T-shirt. She’s showing off a simple look with her disheveled hair.
People responded: “IU’s skin is so white.” “IU looks so cute.” “Please change your profile picture often.” “She looks so friendly.”
Source: TV Report

The tickets for CN Blue’s concert in the UK are almost sold out

The tickets for CN Blue’s concert in the UK are almost sold out.
CN Blue will hold a concert titled CN Blue Live in London on September 22 (local time) at the IndigO2, which can accommodate 3,000 people.
On September 19, CN Blue’s agency reported that all tickets for CN Blue’s first concert in the UK are already sold out, and a few tickets for standing room are only left.
CJ E&M’s Global Concert Department says, “It’s CN Blue’s first concert in the UK, but the tickets are almost sold out. AGE thought CN Blue could succeed in the UK after watching the group’s concert in LA, and we became the agency’s partner again.”
This concert is part of the project conducted by M-Live, CJ E&M’s global concert brand. The world famous agency AEG has been its partner since March when CN Blue held a concert in LA.
CN Blue say, “We can’t believe that we will hold a concert in the UK, the home of rock. We’ve always wanted to be there, so we’re happy that we can be there now and even hold a concert. We believe we can communicate with people there through music regardless of language differences. We’re very nervous because this is our first time visiting the UK. We’ll do our best to give the best performances for the audience.”
After the concert, CN Blue will go on a tour of Japan under the title of CN Blue Arena Tour 2012 – Come On from October 2 to 21, making stops at six cities.
Source: Starnews

B2ST will not attend the Body Art showcase because of their busy schedule

B2ST members are not able to attend the Body Art showcase because of their busy schedule.
B2ST were planning to attend the Body Art showcase, which will be held in celebration of the DVD release of Body Art, on September 19 at 2:00 p.m. However, they had to cancel their participation because of their busy schedule. Without B2ST, Robert Steinbacher, a founder of Body Art, and a few other people concerned will attend the showcase.
A spokesperson for B2ST says, “B2ST cannot attend the Body Art showcase because of their busy schedule. We’re very sorry. We notified the host of the showcase last night.”
B2ST have been working for the fitness company Body Art as honorary ambassadors since April. They were planning to demonstrate Body Art at the showcase.
Body Art is an European fitness program, which combines Yoga and Pilates. B2ST have exercised according to the Body Art program while they were preparing for their new album.
The DVD of B2ST’s Body Art, in which Robert Steinbacher also appears, will be released in Japan this month.
Source: Starnews

Psy comes back to Korea for BIFF and Super Star K 4

The world star Psy will soon come back to Korea to attend Busan International Film Festival.
On September 19, YG Entertainment, Psy’s agency, reported that Psy will attend the 17th Busan International Film Festival on October 6 and perform at the Lotte’s Night for about an hour.
Psy will perform “Gangnam Style” and a few other hit songs of his.
Currently working in the U.S., Psy has attended the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and appeared on such popular American TV shows as NBC’s Today Show and Saturday Night Live.
Psy will also perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which will be held in Las Vegas on September 21 and 22. After that, he will come back to Korea on September 25.
A spokesperson for Psy says, “Psy will perform at some college festivals and events in Korea. From the second week of October, he will appear on Mnet’s Super Star K 4 as a judge.”
The music video of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has been nominated for the Best Video at MTV Europe Music Awards, which will take place in Germany on November 11.
The music video has received over two hundred million hits on You Tube, and it has topped the iTunes Charts of 18 countries. It also ranked 64th on the Billboard Single Chart Hot 100.
Source: Starnews

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “I was sick but I wanted to play soccer with Park Ji Sung”

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently talked about a behind the scenes story when he played soccer with Park Ji Sung.
Kim, who is well known as a soccer maniac, recently shot a pictorial and gave an interview for the October issue of the magazine @star1.
Kim also talked about when he attended a charity soccer game with Park in 2011 in Vietnam.
Kim said, “I wasn’t there for the soccer game but Park said, ‘I heard you like soccer. Come play with me.’ I wasn’t feeling very well that day but I pretended that I was okay so I could play soccer with him.”
“I played soccer for fun but Vietnamese players might have thought that I’m a soccer player too because I was tackled by them a lot. I passed the ball to protect myself.”
“Since I wasn’t feeling very well, after the game I was really exhausted. Even though I had arrived in Korea, I’ve been sick for two weeks. If I were to be born again, I would want to be a soccer player.”
More on his interview will be published with the October issue of the magazine on September 20.
Source: Sports Korea

Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off 3 different personas in his music videos

Big Bang’s G-Dragon has made his solo comeback for the first time in over three years. As he always surprises his fans with his unconventional fashion style, he appeared on SBS’s Inkigayo after dying his hair pink and blue. He will show off his different looks through his new songs “One of a Kind,” “That XX,” and “Crayon.”
◇ Free-spirited “One of a Kind”
The song “One of a Kind,” which is written by G-Dragon, drew a lot of attention with its honest lyrics even before the EP release. It includes strong hip-hop beats and the music video for the song features hip-hop warrior G-Dragon. He is wearing black clothes with bold accessories and a reggae permed blond hair, which complements the free-spirited G-Dragon.
◇ Two different men “That XX”
The r-rated song “That XX” received considerable attention among the public. In the music video for the song, G-Dragon portrays two different men: a man who lost his girl and the one who took the girl away. G-Dragon did a good job portraying the sad man in a white shirt and jacket.
He drew eye-lines and slicked his hair back to describe the bad man. Various accessories and tattoos made him look manly and powerful.
◇ Variety of roles in “Crayon”
G-Dragon wears colorful clothes in the music video for the song “Crayon.” He wears a pink and yellow bathrobe and rainbow jacket and pants.

◇ Variety of roles in “Crayon”

G-Dragon wears colorful clothes in the music video for the song “Crayon.” He wears a pink and yellow bathrobe and rainbow jacket and pants.
He also plays various roles in the video. When he is playing the role of a boy playing the drum, he is wearing a red hat and red pants with red suspenders to show off his cute charm.

G-Dragon also plays the roles of a doctor and a patient. He is wearing a doctor’s gown and bone shaped earrings as a doctor and green sweater with red socks and shoes as a patient.
Source: Money Today

Super Junior’s Leeteuk: “Tag along with me and I will show you everything”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently expressed his feelings through Twitter.
On September 19, Leeteuk tweeted, “Entertainers depend on their images. No matter what kind of personalities they have, good images can make them nice and kind. But it will not last long. Time will tell you the right answer.”
“Tag along with me just for one day. I will show you everything in my everyday life. I’ll give you my phone if you need it so you can see what kind of text messages and calls I get.”
In the September 18 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, actress Kang Ye Sol and SISTAR’s Da Som drew a lot of attention by saying that they have received text messages from Leeteuk.
Kang made Leeteuk puzzled by saying, “I’ve appeared on a TV show with Leeteuk so I know him a little. He texts me whenever he changes his phone number.”
Da Som also said, “Leeteuk sends me text messages often. But he also texts all the other group members too. He is well known as everyone’s older brother among girl groups.”
People responded: “Leeteuk may have a playboy image.” “I think they misunderstood the text messages just saying hello.” “He can be misunderstood. Why did he send messages at dawn?” “They damaged Leeteuk’s image.” “I think they made reckless remarks.” “I feel upset as a fan of Leeteuk.”
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is the youngest-looking oldest member

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong was recently selected as the oldest member, who looks younger than the youngest member in his group.
Community portal site DC Inside did a survey starting on September 11 through 18 asking, “Who looks younger than the youngest member even though he is the oldest member in his group?”
Kim, who is well known as a handsome man with his clear skin and great fashion sense, ranked first with a score of 37.9 percent (1,215 of 3,202 votes). He impresses his fans by releasing cute self portraits.
TVXQ’s Yun Ho ranked second with a score of 26 percent (834 votes). Even though he shows off his charismatic charm on stage, he often acts cutesy on several variety shows.
CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa ranked third with a score of 7.5 percent (204 votes). He recently showed off his muscular arms and back and drew a lot of attention.
The top three winners were followed by Super Junior’s Leeteuk, SHINee’s Onew, and Infinite’s Sungkyu.
Source: Star Daily News

Did Sandara Park’s Twitter account get hacked?

Girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park was recently spotted “suffering” from an unexpected event by CL.
On September 19, the singer tweeted following comments: “Wow. I’m stupid.” “Wooeh. Wooaeeohwooehwooyoohoo.” “I love you.” “I’m Ssandora Park.”
Park Bom asked her, “What are you doing?” and replied to her, “Laruirooreiro,” inspiring laughter. On seeing all this, Jung Il Woo tweeted Sandara Park, “Are you drunk?” wondering the meaning of her incomprehensible comments.
When Sandara Park finally got to read all this, she explained, “Omg. The leader played with my phone while I was gone to get my makeup done. Haha it’s so funny that it hurts my stomach. What does she mean by her comments?” and gave a big laughter.
It turned out that CL posted above comments sneakily using Sandara Park’s tweeter account while she was gone to get her makeup done.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “I thought Sandara Park’s account was hacked only after two days.” “I was worried because I thought your account got hacked.” “Park Bom is so cute when she sends reply to every single tweet.” “Jung Il Woo makes it even more funny because he appears to be serious.”
Source: TV Report

Rookie Group 100% Reveals ‘Bad Boy’ MV

Soon to debut, rookie boygroup 100% releases their debut ‘Bad Boy’ music video. Under the management of Top Media, the same label company as Teen Top, 100% is debuting with high expectations set upon them. The group consists of 7 members; Minwoo(leader), Hyuk Jin, Rok Hyun, Chan Yong, Sang Hoon, Jong Hwan, and Chang Bum.
The music video showcases a synchronized choreography. Decked in full black leather outfits with studs and accessories, like its title, the boys portray a ‘bad boy’ image.


TVXQ to go on a world tour

TVXQ will go on a world tour.
On September 20, SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, reported that TVXQ will soon go on a world tour after releasing their new album, Catch Me. From November, TVXQ will go on a world tour under the title of TVXQ! Live World Tour- Catch Me, travelling around all over the world, including Korea, China, and Thailand.
The first concert of their tour will take place in Seoul on November 17 and 18 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park. TVXQ are planning to captivate the audience with their distinctive performances.
This is the first concert of TVXQ held in four years since The 3rd Asia Tour Concert – Mirotic was held in February, 2009.
TVXQ have attracted over 550,000 people during their live tour of Japan, 東方神起 Live Tour 2012 Tone, which they went on from January through April, making stops in eleven cities.
TVXQ’s new album, Catch Me, will be released on September 24 at noon on such online music sites as Gini, Melon, and Naver Music, and it will also be released offline on September 26.
Source: Starnews