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September 19, 2012

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “I was sick but I wanted to play soccer with Park Ji Sung”

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently talked about a behind the scenes story when he played soccer with Park Ji Sung.
Kim, who is well known as a soccer maniac, recently shot a pictorial and gave an interview for the October issue of the magazine @star1.
Kim also talked about when he attended a charity soccer game with Park in 2011 in Vietnam.
Kim said, “I wasn’t there for the soccer game but Park said, ‘I heard you like soccer. Come play with me.’ I wasn’t feeling very well that day but I pretended that I was okay so I could play soccer with him.”
“I played soccer for fun but Vietnamese players might have thought that I’m a soccer player too because I was tackled by them a lot. I passed the ball to protect myself.”
“Since I wasn’t feeling very well, after the game I was really exhausted. Even though I had arrived in Korea, I’ve been sick for two weeks. If I were to be born again, I would want to be a soccer player.”
More on his interview will be published with the October issue of the magazine on September 20.
Source: Sports Korea

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