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February 13, 2012

SNSD successfully finish their Asian tour

SNSD have successfully finished their Asian tour with the largest number of audiences attended in the history of Korean girl group’s concert.
SNSD have held “Girls’ Generation Tour” since May 31 last year. They’ve held total 23 concerts in 11 cities in Asia – six cities in Japan (Osaka, Saitama, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka), Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.
According to SM Entertainment, SNSD’s agency, nearly 230,000 audiences have attended SNSD’s concert. It’s the largest number of audiences attended at a Korean girl group’s concert. It’s also very unusual to hold a girl group’s exclusive concert in such a large scale.
SNSD’s last concert in Thailand was held on February 12 from 6 p.m. at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok with nearly 11,000 audiences attending. SNSD performed total 32 songs for three hours, including their hit songs like “Gee,” “Genie,” and “Hoot,” songs included in Korean/Japanese albums, and songs for the members’ solo performances.
The audiences sang along SNSD’s songs and cheered in fluent Korean, waving glow-in-the-dark sticks throughout the concert. When SNSD performed “Complete,” the audiences unfolded a placard that read, “FINALLY, WE MEET,” and showed a surprise event, flying paper airplanes, to make the members happy.
Because this was SNSD’s first exclusive concert held in Thailand, the local press like True Music and TNN showed great interest in SNSD at a press interview.
After finishing their concert, SNSD said, “We were so happy that we could feel the love of our fans. It was really unforgettable. We thank all of you who supported ‘Girls’ Generation Tour.’ We’ll try our best to have a better concert in the future.”
SNSD came back to Korea on February 13.
Source: Xportsnews

Over 3,000 people gather in Berlin to see B2ST’s concert

Boy group B2ST successfully held their first concert in Berlin.
On February 13, B2ST’s agency, Cube Entertainment, said that B2ST held their first exclusive concert in Berlin, Germany, on February 12 (local time) starting at 7:30 p.m. and lasting for two hours.
The concert, which is called the ‘Beautiful Show in Berlin,’ is the second concert of the group’s world tour. B2ST started their world tour on February 4 and 5 in Seoul.
Over 3,000 thousand fans from all over the world gathered to see the concert. Even though the temperature went down to 10 degrees below zero, many European fans attended the concert.
B2ST performed their hit songs, including, “Special,” “Breath,” and “Shock” and they performed their new songs, including “I Knew It” and “Living Without You.”
Yoon Du Jun says, “We were so happy that we had a chance to go on our world tour in Europe. It’s just the beginning now, but we want to visit all our fans’ countries.”
B2ST will continue their world tour with the ‘Beautiful Show in Shanghai’ in China on February 25.
Source: Starnews

Wonder Girls turn into girls from the futur

Pictures from the set of Wonder Girls’ music video were recently released.
On February 12, an online community posted pictures from the set of the Wonder Girls’ new American video and song “Like Money.” The song was released in the group’s American TV movie The Wonder Girls.
In the pictures, Wonder Girls members have unique hairstyles and clothes that make them look like female warriors. There is also a car that looks like it is from the future.
People responded: “I can’t wait to listen to the whole song.” “You were retro girls before but now you are girls from the future.” “I’m eagerly anticipating your new concert.” “I’m sure that the song will be a hit!”
Johnny Wujek, Katy Perry’s stylist, styled the Wonder Girls’ new song “Like Money” and the song is drawing a lot of attention.

Source: Starnews

2PM taking a subway in Paris: “They look like models!”

Recently, Taec Yeon and Woo Young of 2PM are seen riding a subway in Paris.
On February 11, Woo Young tweeted a picture with the comment, “Taking a subway in Paris. Yo bro!”
Woo Young is wearing a blue woolen hat and a field jacket while Taec Yeon is in a red woolen hat and a black leather jacket. The two members draw attention with a model-like pose in the picture.
Netizens who saw their picture in a subway in Paris comment: “They look good together.” “It looks similar to Korean subway.” “They’re posing like models there.” “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach seeing those two handsome guys.”
On February 9, 2PM performed in KBS 2’s Music Bank In Paris held at Paris Bercy Stadium in France.
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Jun Su receives favorable reviews for his performance in the musical Elisabeth

JYJ’s Jun Su has successfully finished his first performance in the musical Elisabeth.
On February 13, C-jes Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, reported that Jun Su received favorable reviews from experts for his first performance in the musical Elisabeth.
The musical Elisabeth is a musical play loved by many people for neatly 20 years ever since it was premiered in 1992 in Vienna, Austria. In the musical, Jun Su is playing the role of Death, who falls in love with Elizabeth, a woman longing for freedom, by destiny.
At the premiere performance, Jun Su appeared in an alluring see-through look and captivated the audience with his eyes and dances. He perfectly performed “The Last Dance” and “The Shadow Has Grown Big Today” with his distinctive husky voice and beautifully described his dark and dreamy character.
Music director Kim Moon Jung said, “Jun Su’s husky voice helped make his character Death more mysterious and sexy. I think he has finally grown up as a genuine musical actor who knows how to interact with other actors and audiences. He’s genius that he could have such a great performance at the premiere performance.”
Composer Sylvester Levay said, “Jun Su performed with various different charismatic looks. Sometimes he was scary, sometimes he was dark, and sometimes he was like a beast, following around Elisabeth. Jun Su’s performance was so perfect and satisfying.”
Jun Su said, “This is a musical performance created by the best crew and the best cast members. I’m just so proud and happy that I can be part of this play. I’m also desperately in love with Death. I wish this musical can be an opportunity for many audiences to think about their life and happiness with my sweet character Death. I’ll do my best to show you better performances.”
Source: Starnews