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September 18, 2012

TVXQ’s Changmin shows off a mystical look in his teaser photo

TVXQ are expected to show off an unconventional look for their new album.
On September 19, SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, released a teaser photo of Changmin on TVXQ’s official website and Facebook account and SM Town’s website.
In the photo, Changmin is showing off a mystical, intense look. TVXQ will release all eleven tracks of their new album, including the lead track, “Catch Me,” on September 24 at noon on such online music sites as Melon and Naver Music.
“Catch Me” is a dance song, accompanied by a trendy electronic sound and a fancy orchestral melody. The song is about a man of great self-respect, who says good-bye to his lover but actually wants to hold her.
A spokesperson for TVXQ says, “TVXQ have attracted a lot of attention with their great performances every time. They have also prepared a charismatic, powerful performance this time. You’ll be able to see a performance that is musically and visually super.”
TVXQ’s new album will be released offline on September 26.
Source: Starnews

Check out photos of SNSD’s Yoona taken four years ago

Photos of SNSD’s Yoona taken four years ago were recently released and are in the limelight.
Some photos of the SNSD beauty were posted on a website with the caption “Images of Yoona taken four years ago and images of her these days.”
One of the photos was taken four years ago with a child actor, who appeared in KBS’s You’re My Destiny. They are in a restaurant, where they gathered for celebrating the end of shooting the series.
In the other two photos, Yoona shows off her timeless beauty, which doesn’t seem to be overshadowed by her stunning look of four years ago.
Source: Xportsnews

Soon to Debut Boygroup, 100% Releases MV Teaser

Yet another boygroup will be debuting under Top Media, which currently manages Teen Top. Made up of 7 members, the group has been named 100%. They are making their debut this week with their first single albumWE, 100%’.
After releasing the first teaser, the second teaser shows more of the choreography and zooms in on the members. Showing strong masculinity, the 7 members execute their choreography in a smooth synchronized manner.
Their debut single is scheduled for release on 18 September. Stay tuned for the full music video and 100%‘s debut stage on LBS Music Bank!


Model Kubo Anna kisses Big Bang’s Seungri?

Japanese model Kubo Anna is attracting attention after kissing Big Bang’s Seungri on the cheeks.
On September 18, Chinese media uploaded pictures of them with the caption, “Big Bang’s Seungri looks like a couple with the Japanese model Kubo Anna who is shooting a series together. They held hands and kissed each other on the cheeks.”
Kubo Anna was known as the former girlfriend of Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Fong. She is the center of attention because of her voluptuous body and pretty appearance.
The picture and video reveals Kubo Anna kissing Seungri on the cheeks. This picture has been captured from a Japanese series.
Previously on September 13, Seungri has been involved in a sex scandal and was published on Japanese magazine,Friday.
Source: Xportsnews

miss A’s Suzy surprises the public with her sexy charm

miss A’s Suzy, who has become a national first love, recently revealed her breathtaking figure and showed off her sexy charm.
On September 17, Suzy tweeted a picture with the comment, “I’m uploading this picture for the rainy day. I took the picture when I attended the JYP Nation.”
In the picture, Suzy is smiling in a black mini leather dress that accentuates her figure. Long wavy hair also complements her sexy charm.
Suzy received considerable attention by showing off her slim waist and perfectly portioned figure rather than looking innocent and pure.
Source: Xportsnews

IU holds her first Japanese concert for over five thousand fans

IU recently successfully completed her first exclusive Japanese concert with over five thousands fans.
IU held the Japanese concert in Tokyo, Japan on September 17. It was the first local concert since her debut in Japan in March.
On September 18, Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported, “Korean female singer IU passionately sang “You and I” and Anzenchitai’s “Friend” in front of five thousand people at her first Japanese exclusive concert.” According to the media outlet, IU said at her concert, “I can see a lot of females here. Please bring your boyfriends next time.”
IU sang around twenty songs at the concert and the fans stood up throughout the concert to give her their support. The fans seemed to be impressed by the cute and lovely IU.
Source: Starnews

Psy gains public favor in USA: “He is a humble yet amazing entertainer”

World wide singer Psy is receiving an explosive response in the United States.
Psy, who is currently staying in the States, is continuously appearing on local media outlets. He appears on several TV and radio programs and has had many favorable articles published about him with quotes from an interview with Scooter Braun.
During the interview, Psy said, “I’m still walking down the street like, ‘Why I’m here? Why I’m here?’ You know, I’ve done this 12 years in Korea, and I’m rookie here now. I never expect I would become a K-pop star.” He also talked about when he was attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Scooter Braun said, ”He came over to the States and we started talking business and PSY said, ‘Well this is very nice, but I’d rather just take you to Koreatown tonight and drink.”
On September 18, a music video for “Gangnam Style” received over 200 million hits on YouTube. Psy tweeted in English, “Got 200 million views! Thanks everybody!”
Source: TV Report

EXO-M are awarded the Most Popular Group in China

EXO-M were recently awarded the Most Popular Group at the Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival in China.
On September 18, SM Entertainment, EXO-M’s agency, reported that EXO-M were awarded the Most Popular Group of This Year at the fifth Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival, which was held on September 17 at 7:00 p.m. (local time) in Beijing, China.
The Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival is one of the most renowned music awards in China, which gives awards to new artists.

After receiving the award, EXO-M said, “We’re very happy to receive this award. We really appreciate. We debuted also received an award on this stage. It looks like there’s something special between us and the Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival. We’ll try our best for every performance.”
At the awards, EXO-K also attended and congratulated EXO-M. EXO-K and EXO-M received an enthusiastic response from the Chinese audience by performing “MAMA.”
EXO-K and EXO-M also attended a red carpet event, which was held from 4:30 p.m. before the awards started, and received a lot of attention from Chinese people and media sources. They also ranked first on the survey of the best dressers at the red carpet event, which was conducted by, with 80.9 percent of voter turnout.
Source: Starnews

FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun debuts as a musical actor in Japan

FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun will debut as a musical actor in Japan.
On September 19, Song will make his musical acting debut in the musical Jack The Ripper, playing the role of Daniel. He will also perform in the musical on October 1 and 2.
Born in 1992, Song attracted a lot of attention by being cast in the role of Daniel as the youngest actor. He has already proved his talent as a musical actor with his good acting and singing skills in the musical Jack The Ripper, which was performed in Korea from August 8 through 23.
Song says, “I’m nervous to meet my Japanese fans as a musical actor because I’ve always met them as a member of FT Island. I’ll try my utmost to give the best performance for them.”
Song is a guitarist, rapper, and vocalist in the popular band FT Island. While he was recording songs for FT Island’s fourth album, Five Treasure Box, which was released on September 10, he has prepared a lot for the musical, spending about twelve hours everyday for practice.
The musical Jack The Ripper has been one of the most popular musicals in Korea for three consecutive years. Since its premiere in 2009, it has been staged twice as an encore performance.
Source: Starnews

Kim Hyun Joong shows off a chic, sexy look in red pants

Kim Hyun Joong recently released a pictorial of himself for the clothing brand Hang Ten under the title of “Fall in Colored Pants.”
In the pictorial, Kim is attracting a lot of attention with a distinctive look in colored pants. He’s also showing off a fashionable look in colored pants with a chic look on his face.
Kim is currently one of the hottest K-pop stars in Japan.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang’s G-Dragon releases a new song

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will release a new song.
On September 18, a spokesperson for G-Dragon reported, “G-Dragon’s new song, ‘Light It Up,’ will be included in his new EP, ‘One Of A Kind,’ which will be released offline on September 18. It’s specially included in the album as a bonus track.”
This song is a special song, which will only be included in G-Dragon’s offline EP. It’s a hip-hop song with hard-hitting lyrics, written by G-Dragon.
G-Dragon has classified this song as a bonus track. Tablo and rapper Gonzo were featured in the song as rappers.
G-Dragon introduced the song as, “a song that will make you excited. It can be a message to a specific person or something that you want to tell the world. It’s like a spell. I think my songs reflect my life.”
G-Dragon recently shot an episode of MBC TV’s Infinite Challenge. The episode will air for two weeks from September 29.
G-Dragon’s offline EP contains a total of seven songs, including “One Of A Kind,” “That XX,” “Eventually,” “Missing You,” and “Light It Up.”
The lead track is “Crayon.” It’s a compound word of “Crazy” and “Jiyoung (G-Dragon’s real name),” which means “Crazy On” and “Jiyoung who is crazy about music.” Under the concept of Let’s Go Crazy Together, his new songs are even more intense than the previous ones.
G-Dragon performed his new songs for the first time on SBS TV’s Inkigayo on September 16. Showing off an intelligent, chic look in a preview video, which announced his comeback, in the September 9 episode, he performed “Crayon” and “One Of A Kind” in the September 16 episode.
G-Dragon released his first solo album, Heartbreaker, in mid-August, 2009. The album was one of the best-selling albums in Korea.
Source: Starnews

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” receives1 over two hundred million hits on YouTube

The music video of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has received over two hundred million hits in 66 days.
As of September 18, the music video of “Gangnam Style” received over two hundred million hits on YouTube, setting a new record. On that day, Psy tweeted, “Got 200 million views! Thanks everybody!”
As of September 4, the music video received over 100,084,539 hits and became the first Korean music video that received over a hundred million hits. The record was set in only 52 days, and it was far faster than that of Justin Bieber’s “Baby (56 days)” and Beyonce’s “Single Lady (114 days).”
After 14 days, another hundred million people watched the music video, and it became a Korean music video that received two hundred million hits in a shortest period of time.
The Hallyu Research Center expects that the music video will still receive more hits. It expects that the music video will receive three hundred million hits within October and five hundred million hits within November. The music video is currently people’s favorite on YouTube.
Psy has been nominated for the Best Video at MTV Europe Music Awards with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Katy Perry.
Source: TV Report

ZE:A’s Siwan, Dongjun, and Minwoo become romantic guys

ZE:A’s Siwan, Dongjun, and Minwoo recently attracted a lot of attention with a pictorial of themselves.
Currently promoting “Phoenix” with a manly, sexy look, ZE:A’s Siwan, Dongjun, and Minho showed off a gentle yet charismatic look in a pictorial for the fashion magazine CeCi, which was published on September 17.
Achieving an intelligent, romantic look in striped shirts and simple jackets, Siwan, Dongjun, and Minho are also appealing to women with a simple look on beds.

People responded: “They’re all women’s ideal types.” “They’re so cute.” “They’re so handsome.”
The pictorial of Siwan, Dongjun, and Minho can be seen in the October issue of CeCi.
Source: Star Daily News


TVXQ will release a new material on Sep. 24

TVXQ will release a new song, “Catch Me,” on September 24.
This is TVXQ’s first song in a year and nine months since they released “Keep Your Head Down” in January, 2011. The song will be released online on September 24 and offline on 26.
On September 18, a teaser picture of Yunho was uploaded on TVXQ’s official website and other related sites. Covering his eyes, Yunho is showing off a wild, manly look.
TVXQ attracted over 550,000 people when they went on a live tour in Korea and Japan last year.
Source: TV Report