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May 09, 2012

SHINee’s Jonghyun proves he is as tall as written in his online profile

SHINee‘s Jonghyun confirmed that the height revealed in his online profile matched his real height.
On a recent episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, SHINee member Jonghyun revealed he had a lot to say about his height.
The singer remarked that his height was recorded as 173cm (5’8″) in his online profile. “There is talk amongst the fans that I am under 170cm (5’7)“,” he said. “NO! I am definitely 173cm.”
Jonghyun stood next to MC Jung Hyung Don who is also 173cm to prove he was telling the truth. He clearly stood taller than Jung Hyung Don, but the MC was wearing flat shoes.
The segment begins around the 5:46 mark below!

Source & Image: StarToday

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon display their sweet affection for one another

Musician Lee Sang Soon who is currently in a relationship with Korea’s superstar Lee Hyori recently displayed his cute love and affection for her.
On May 9th, Hyori utilized Twitter to send her boyfriend a screenshot of an article titled, “Hyori’s perfect body that even Lee Sang Soon falls for,” hilariously asking him, “Are you sure?”
Lee Sang Soon then jokingly replied to her tweet saying, “Who is this?”
Webcomic artist Kang Full who saw their Twitter interaction then decided to chime in and say, “It’s me.
Lee Sang Soon then replied to Kang Full, displaying his sweet affection for Hyori. “Oh, so it was you,” he said. ”I thought I saw a pretty flower.”
Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon first revealed their relationship to the public last November.
Source + Images: Hyori’s Twitter

SM Entertainment’s vocal coach joins vocal group, ‘Question’

Vocal coach for SM Entertainment and former Black Beat member Jang Jin Young has made his comeback in a new male vocal group.
Along with his long-time colleagues Kim Do Hun and Kim Sung Pil, Jang Jin Young has has comeback as a member of vocal group ‘Question‘, currently promoting the title song “A Person Like Me“.
Only a week after their official debut, Question has announced that they are currently holding auditions to add another member.
Different from other auditions, we have created a project in order to find those with hidden vocal talents,” they said. “We are looking for an experienced vocalist who not only meshes well with Question, but someone who can also serve as a vocal trainer.”
Question has plans to release a new single after the addition of the fourth member.
Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate

Dalmatian unveils album jacket cover for ‘State of Emergency’ comeback

After announcing their return with a few member changes, Dalmatian has finally unveiled their album jacket cover for their second mini-album, ‘State of Emergency‘!
The boys have gotten rid of their boyish images and instead have gone for powerful, charismatic transformations that make them look beastlier than ever.
Their agency expressed, “Fans will be able to imagine what their mini-album title track will sound like just from the album jacket cover alone. The ‘DMTN’ written on the cover stands for Dalmatian. The main points of the cover are the $174,700 USD outfits they’re wearing along with their painted tattoos.”
The members are decked from head to toe in brand names, ranging from Givenchy to Balmain and Chrome Hearts. Their tattoos also took over 12 hours to complete by a professional tattoo artist, and although only their necks are shown, they cover their entire upper halves.
Stay tuned for its release on May 15th!
Source : BNT News

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong says, “Jun Soo is fabulous!”

JYJ’s Jae Joong recently released a picture of Jun Soo’s profile.
On May 8, Jae Joong tweeted a picture with the comment, “Jun Soo is fabulous.”
In the pictures, Jun Soo is drawing a lot of attention wearing a blue jacket with blond hair. He looks like he is concentrating on something.
People who saw the picture responded: “He looks very good in that color.” “He looks like an entertainer.” “Where is Jae Joong?”
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s G-Dragon used to be a trainee of SM Entertainment

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently surprised people with the fact that he used to be a trainee of SM Entertainment.
On May 8, Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News reported some hidden facts about some celebrities.
The news reported that Big Bang’s G-Dragon was trained at SM Entertainment for five years.
G-Dragon was selected as a trainee of SM Entertainment when he was eight years old. However, he later moved to YG Entertainment and became a singer.
People responded: “I can’t believe SM Entertainment just let him go,” “I guess SM Entertainment regretted a lot after he left,” “Did he start practicing when he was eight? That’s awesome.”
Source: Xportsnews

Hello Venus debuts on May 9

Infinite released a photo for their new album before their comeback.
On May 9, the photo for Infinite’s third album, scheduled to be released on May 15, was uploaded on Infinite’s official website. It’s attracting wide attention with the seven members’ irresistible charms.
In the photo released before their comeback, Infinite members are showing off their natural and chic looks and attracting attention from people from all over Asia.
Their modern yet vintage styles and distinctive poses are as impressive as the models in fashion magazines, so the photo is increasing many people’s expectations on Infinite’s new album.
On May 8, Infinite released “Only Tears,” one of the tracks of their new album, to celebrate the 700-day anniversary of their debut. The ballad “Only Tears” ranked first on the charts and the most searched word lists.
People responded: “I’m so excited to see their new concept,” “The picture is really impressive,” “I can’t wait until the 15th,” “I can’t take my eyes off the picture.”
Infinite will release their new album on May 15 and hold a one-day showcase in five cities in Korea.
Source: TV Report

Hello Venus debuts on May 9

Hello Venus’s debut album Venus was released.
Comprised of six members – Yoo Ah Ra, Nara, Alice, Lime, Yoon Jo, and Yoo Young, “Hello” from Hello Venus gives a lively and friendly image and “Venus” gives an image of a beautiful goddess.
Hello Venus already attracted wide attention with their pretty faces and stylish looks. The lead track “Venus,” from their debut album Venus released on May 9, is a dance song of an upbeat rhythm, which shows Hello Venus’s lovely charms well. The lyrics encourage all the timid men in the world.
With the addictive melody composed by Jo Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun and the lively lyrics written by Kim Yi Na, the song seems to appeal to the music fans with the sound of V.I.C.T.O.R.Y and the choreography that describes the word.
The music video of “Venus” is attracting wide attention from people as it shows the members’ pretty faces and charms.
The debut mini-album of Hello Venus includes total four songs of various different genres, including the lead track “Venus,” “Hello,” and “Love Appeal.”
People responded: “It’s so cute and lively,” “The album is appealing in various different ways,” “I got immediately addicted to the songs when I listened to them,” “They’re so talented and pretty!”
Hello Venus will give their debut performance on Mnet’s M Countdown on May 10.

Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk takes a picture with his parents

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk released his family picture on Parents’ Day.
On May 8, Eunhyuk uploaded a picture of himself with his parents on his Twitter account with the comment, “I love you, dad and mom! I suppose you’re really fortunate because you have a son like me! I also want to have a son like me in the future. I cannot forget your smiling faces after you got some money from me. I worked really hard for it so don’t waste it, please!”
In the picture, Eunhyuk is pointing at carnation corsages he put on his parents. As it was a meaningful day, he’s staring at the camera with a bright smile on his face. Eunhyuk is especially attracting attention with his face that resembles his mother.
People responded: “It’s nice to see you with your parents,” “I love your family picture,” “He really looks like his mother.”
Source: Starnews

SHINee dances to Lee Hyo Ri’s “U Go Girl”

SHINee recently transformed into Lee Hyo Ri.
In the second special episode of SHINee’s  Week Idol, which will air on May 9, the group will show their magical choreography.
The reason people call it magical choreography is even though the group dances to other songs, it matches perfectly by keeping time with their choreography.
Several parodied videos, in which SHINee dances to IU’s “Good Day,” B2ST’s “Mystery,” and Lee Hyo Ri’s “U Go Girl.” were spread online.
The group, however, showed their magical choreography on the show for the first time. They performed their song “Replay” to Lee Hyo Ri’s “U Go Girl.”
Group members made cute faces while performing just like Lee Hyo Ri. They said, “It feels like the song is our song.”
The show will air on Wednesday, May 9, at 6:00 p.m.
Source: Star Daily News

KARA beats Aoi Yu in Japanese popularity ranking

Group KARA is very popular in Japan.
Video Research, a Japanese marketing research company, recently did a survey on the popularity of celebrities in Japan and KARA ranked 28th.
The survey included all celebrities who work in Japan. KARA is the only foreign star in the list among popular Japanese stars, including, Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami.
The ranking is well known as data on directing advertisements among advertising experts. KARA is currently working as a representative for Japanese companies in various fields, including, hairdye, food and beverages,  medicine, and confectionery.
Japanese advertising experts say, “We like KARA members because each of them has different characteristics. And they try hard to speak accurate Japanese.”
People responded: “KARA is so popular in Japan.” “I can’t believe that KARA is more popular than Aoi Yu.” “KARA is amazing.” “I didn’t know that KARA was so popular.” “KARA proved that they are popular.”
KARA will start holding their concert on May 16 in Tokyo and Saitama.
Source: TV Report

B.A.P is popular in Russia? “Warrior” flash mob is popular on YouTube

B.A.P has become popular in Russia.
On May 2,, an English K-pop website, reported on B.A.P’s popularity and said that the group’s song “Power” is very popular in Russia.
The song ranked 10th on YouTube music charts in Russia and it was also selected as the Best Foreign Clip by the ‘Russia Top 30.’
They also posted a flash mob, in which Russian people performed B.A.P’s debut song “Warrior” on April 14.
Over twenty Russian people performed an almost perfect cover dance in the street and received an ovation from their fans.
Even though B.A.P is a new group, they showed their power in the iTunes hip hop album chart and ranked 10th on the Billboard world album chart. The group, who proved their popularity in Russia, is increasingly appealing to people as a new K-pop star.
Source: TV Report

Park Yoo Chun looked like Yoo Jae Seok in the past?

Pictures of JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun that resemble the popular MC Yoo Jae Seok have been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, pictures titled “The time when Park Yoo Chun looked like Yoo Jae Seok” have been uploaded and attracted attention.
Wearing glasses, Yoo Chun is smiling brightly. He not only looks younger, but has similar images of the upright Yoo Jae Seok.
Netizens commented: “Do all popular people look like that?” “Aren’t you happy that you look like Yoo Jae Seok?” “Who should be the sad one?”
Source: TV Report

IU reveals teaser for “End of Day”

Teaser for the title track “End of Day” of IU’s new single Spring for a Twenty-Year-Old was finally released.
Her agency Loen Entertainment uploaded the clip on its official channel of YouTube on May 9.
The teaser has beautiful scenery of Venice, Italy, in the background, and an abundant melody of string instruments fades in, grabbing attention. The star sports a comfortable look as of a tourist. Her milky skin radiates along with her natural, but lively charm.
By the end of the teaser, IU looks straight into the camera with an excited look, but short of breath, after running hard. Her curious expression soon merges with her sensational voice, bringing up fans’ expectations.
Her new song “End of Day” was composed by Park Keun Tae and Kim Do Hun and written by Kim Yi Na. It successfully expresses IU’s lively sensitivity and cheerful voice.
Fans who saw the video revealed their expectations through the comments: “The lively melody goes well with spring.” “I think it’s going to be another big hit followed by ‘Good Day’ and ‘You and I.’” “The song goes well with IU. I want to hear the full track.”
IU’s new single will be released online at midnight of May 11 with a short music video.

Source: TV Report