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April 19, 2012

SISTAR’s Hyo Lyn, “I was jumping to cover my short height”

SISTAR’s Hyo Lyn is getting a lot of attention after performing in bare feet.
In the April 17 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, Shin Dong Yeop, the MC for the show, asked Hyo Lyn, “Have you ever made a mistake on stage?” She said, “We had to attend an event to perform the song “So Cool.” I was so excited to see people enjoying our performance. But suddenly my body leaned to one side.”
She added, “The reason was the heel of my shoe was completely broken. So I decided to take my shoes off and kept jumping to hide my short height while dancing because I’m the smallest one among our group members.”
People who heard the story responded: “She is cute.” “I think the problem is dancing in high heels.” “Hyo Lyn looks more and more attractive as time goes by.”

SNSD’s Jessica sings at a wedding “For whom?”

Recently, SNSD’s Jessica created a stir by singing at an acquaintance’s wedding.
On an online community board on April 18, a picture titled ‘Jessica who sang at a wedding a few days ago’ was uploaded.
She is singing, wearing a tidy blouse and white pants. Her wavy hair and bright smile makes her look more innocent and pure. Many people are curious about who the wedding was for.
Netizens commented: “Jessica has such a kind heart.” “She is lovely. The couple must’ve enjoyed her signing.” “Happy birthday Jessica.”
Previously on April 18, Jessica turned 23 and was congratulated by her fans.
Source: Starnews

SNSD is to launch its sub-unit, named Taetiseo

SNSD is to launch its sub-unit, named Taetiseo. The unit group is set to show its various charms with the release of mini-album TWINKLE.
Taetiseo consists of three members of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The group is generating great expectations because it is a sub unit of the hottest girl group, SNSD.
The unit is set to show various charms, adjusting songs of different styles. So, it is generating great curiosity about is its performances, fashion, as well as music.
The mini-album, showcasing the attractive vocals and rich musical emotions, consists of songs of a variety of genres. The songs are already expected to top music charts and so is its music video.
Since the promotion of SNSD’s third album The Boys, Taeyeon has been active as a solo: the leader made a cameo appearance in a series, participated in the production of the soundtrack of The King Two Hearts, and hosted a show. Tiffany debuted as a musical star in Fame and received good reputations for her quality voice and detailed acting. She also took part in the production of the soundtrack for Love Rain, proving she is an all-round entertainer.
The youngest of SNSD, Seohyun wrote a song in collaboration with Yoon Gun, participated in the production of soundtrack for Fashion King, and hosted a show.
Taetiseo’s TWINKLE is to out on May 2.
Source: Xportsnews

SNSD’s Jessica is a spring goddess

SNSD’s Jessica recently showed off her charms as a goddess of spring.
Jessica took a pictorial for lifestyle magazine @Star1, which will be published on April 21.
She took the pictorial on a road lined with trees. She looked at the spring rain and said, “I’m happy because it’s raining today. I like rain. Shooting the pictorial by myself without group members makes me feel a little lonely but it’s also fun.”

Jessica wore sensational clothes from Coming Step and showed off her beautiful charms as a girl and lady.
An animal printed jump suit and simple white jacket made her look chic and her brown wavy hair and pink blusher made her look lovely.
Source: Starnews

Boyfriend plans June debut in Japan with special album

Boyfriend will debut in Japan in June.
Boyfriend will release a special album in Japan on June 6 and hold a showcase for the first time at Budokan on June 30 to invite 10,000 people.
It is very unusual for a new group to hold a showcase at Budokan, where Japanese artists dream about holding their concerts. Bing, one of the biggest Japanese album agencies, expected the group to capture Japanese fans with their performance and music.
On April 19, Boyfriend’s agency, Starship Entertainment, said, “After the group debuted, many Japanese agencies contacted us. But we finally decided to sign a contract with Bing considering the synergy we have with them.”
Boyfriend’s Japanese agency, Bing, said they are sure that the group will be successful in the Japanese market with their refined appearance and music.
Boyfriend received as much money as other K-pop stars by signing the contract but the exact amount is unknown.
B’z, Zard, Kuraki Mai, and more are from Boyfriend’s Japanese agency, Bing.
Source: TV Report

Infinite, FT Island, and Lee Seung Gi are in the Top 10 on the Oricon

Infinite, FT Island, and Lee Seung Gi recently entered the Top 10 list on the Oricon chart with their new albums.
On April 19, according to the Oricon, Infinite’s second Japanese single Be Mine, which was released on April 18, ranked second on daily single chart selling over 30,000 copies on the day of its release.
The single is the Japanese version of Korean song “Be Mine,” which has become very popular last year.
FT Island also released their new single Neverland on the same day and showed off their power by ranking eighth.
Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese best album, which was released on April 18, ranked sixth on the Oricon daily chart on the day of its release.
KARA’s second Japanese album Super Girls, which was released in November of last year, ranked third on the latest weekly album chart and drew a lot of attention. The first successful concert, which was held on April 14 and 15 in Yokohama, during their Japanese tour influenced the ranking.
2AM’s Japanese version of “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” ranked fifth on the Oricon weekly single chart.
Source: Starnews

Jay Park says “What’s Up, Philippines!”

Good news, Jaywalkers! Following MCA Music‘s announcement of bringing Jay Park in the Philippines, they have recently uploaded a video of Jay Park inviting everyone to come to his mall tours this coming May 2012. Of course, he didn’t forget to say “Mahal Ko Kayo” which means “I Love You” in Filipino delighting his fans and exciting them further.
This tour is for the promotions of his album, “New Breed” which is currently available in the Philippines via music stores. To get limited seats, do buy a copy of his album and don’t forget to mark your calendar and list this places for his promo tour:
  • May 04, 2012 – Eastwood Mall Open Park (7 pm)
  • May 05, 2012 – Venice Piazza @ McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio (7 pm)
  • May 06, 2012 – Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium (4 pm)
*To watch the video, do click the link: (
Source: MCA Music|Official Facebook Page

Busker Busker is popular because they are lucky?

Band Busker Busker has become popular but they are still modest.
Busker Busker took a pictorial for May edition of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. When they were asked how they could become popular, they said, “Because we were lucky.”
According to the magazine, Busker Busker jokingly said, “We should change our team name as Luckyker Luckyker.”
When they were asked about their ideal woman, three members of the group answered differently. Jang Beom Joon said he likes a woman who can be his soul mate, Kim Hyung Tae said he like a beautiful girl, and Brad said when he finds a girl who he likes, he asks her to go out no matter what.
Busker Busker released their debut album and is keeping busy with their title song “Cherry Blossom Ending.”

Source: TV Report

T-ara’s Jeon Bo Ram shows off her figure in a mini dress

T-ara’s Jeon Bo Ram recently showed off her voluptuous figure in a mini dress.
On April 16, Jeon tweeted a pictures with the comment, “Posing at the camera is difficult. In Verona.”
T-ara and a new girl group, composed of 7 member (Hwang Ji Hyun, Choi Soo Eun, Cho Eun Byul, So Min, Lee Hae In, and Esther) traveled to Italy, Swiss, and Austria for 8 nights and 9 days starting on April 10.
In the pictures, Jeon is posing in various ways in a pink mini dress. She showed off her sexy charms and captured the public’s attention. Her beautiful legs made male fans’ hearts flutter.
People responded: “I’m surprised at her appearance in a mini dress. I didn’t know she had that voluptuous figure.” “She has perfectly portioned figure.” “She looks so sexy.” “She looks good in a mini dress. Her legs are so beautiful.”
Source: TV Report