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March 20, 2012

SHINee becomes the cover models of a major fashion magazine

SHINee became the cover models of the April issue of Korea’s major fashion magazine CeCi, published both in Korea and China.
On the cover, SHINee gave off intense impressions through a variety of white-tone clothes, based on a futuristic concept. Their energetic, charismatic poses and facial expressions were fantastic enough to captive people’s hearts and eyes.
In addition, the April issue embodies its members’ interviews as well as their overseas activities and news related to SHINee’s new mini album Sherlock. The magazine is expected to be spread all over China as well Korea at the end of March.
Their mini album Sherlock, released on March 19, dominated diverse major music sites including Melon, Bugs, Mnet and Olleh Music.
Starting Mnet’s hit music show M Count on March 22, SHINee sets out passionate activities in Korea including MBC’s Show! Music Core on March 24 and SBS’s Music Trend on March 25.
Source: Starnews 

TVXQ ‘Still’ No. 1 as song reaches top of Oricon’s daily singles chart

K-pop duo TVXQ is again dominating the Oricon charts. The band’s single “Still” took the No. 1 spot on the Oricon daily singles chart following its release last Wednesday.
The new single was showcased for the first time during the band’s 11-city tour of Japan, which started Jan. 18 and is still in progress.
“Still” is sold as a single with the B-side song “One More Thing,” which will be included in the soundtrack of a drama from Bee TV in Japan.
In February, the band was praised for announcing that it would broadcast one of the concerts from its tour free of charge for the victims of last year’s earthquake and tsunami.
The concert was held March 9 in Fukui Prefecture and screened the following day at five movie theaters in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. Fans entered a lottery to win tickets to the event.
The tour, “Live Tour 2012: Tone,” will have been seen by an estimated 550,000 fans when it ends in mid-April.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily 

Teen Top gives a spectacular performance on the first Korean Cruise

Boy group Teen Top was selected as a representative k-pop “idol” and has given a spectacular performance on the first cruise of the Republic of Korea, the Harmony Cruise.
On March 17, the group gave a successful performance on the cruise which departed from Osaka, Japan and headed to Incheon via Jeju Island.
Many fans gathered on the cruise from Osaka to join the fan meeting held with a special concept and to enjoy a performance of Teen Top. Some of the fans even showed tears of joy and collapsed, feeling their legs get weakened because they were overjoyed about having a “talk time” with the group. They asked individual questions and got involved in a conversation.
In addition, many Japanese press companies, including Asahi TV’s Morning Bird, showed interest over Teen Top’s performance on deck.
The company which organized the cruise fan meeting says, “The tourists who take the cruise are generally from an old age group. So in order to motivate younger generation to get on the cruise, we’ve decided to invite Teen Top as the first k-pop artist aboard because they are considered the leading k-pop star in Japan.”
Teen Top says, “It was a unique experience to have a fan meeting on a new stage, the cruise. We’re now inspired to meet our fans on many different settings.”
On March 21, Teen Top is performing at the 2012 Canadian Music Festival which will be held in Toronto, Canada, expanding its activity ranges from Asia to North America.
Source: Xportsnews 

B2ST captures Jakarta… 4,000 people go crazy

B2ST, who are currently on their world tour, recently held their concert in Indonesia.
On March 17 (local time), B2ST held the ‘Beautiful Show in Jakarta’ at 8 o’clock and had a great time with over 4,000 fans.
During the concert, the group sang their hit songs, including, “Fiction,” “Breath,” and “Shock.” Their powerful performance captured the Indonesian fans.
The fans also held a surprise event for B2ST during the concert. About 4,000 people sang the ballad “Clenching My Fist” along with the group and held the same flash cards saying, “Thank you B2ST. You are the only one.” The group members also expressed gratitude and affection for their fans in their native language.
The group held a press conference prior to their concert where over 200 reporters and media officials had the chance to ask them questions.
On March 18, Indonesian major news programs and entertainment shows aired B2ST visiting Indonesia for the first time.
B2ST’s concert was on the front page of several popular Indonesian newspapers with the headline, “B2ST successfully captures Jakarta.” In addition, they said, “B2ST cures Indonesia’s K-pop fever.”
They added, “It is no exaggeration to say that the group members have been preparing for the concert even before their debut. The concert was perfect and Indonesian fans from all over the country gathered to see B2ST.”
B2ST, who is touring the world and holding the ‘Beautiful Show,’ will go to Japan to hold the ‘Beautiful Show in Japan.’
Source: TV Report 

Super Junior’s Super Show 4 electrifies Taiwanese fans

Super Junior attracted about 40,000 fans for the Taiwan Super Show 4, Super Junior’s big hit concert brand, held in Bangkok for three days from March 16 to 18.
The Taiwan Super Show 4 was originally designed to perform two times, but one more was added thanks to explosive responses and requests from Taiwanese fans. Super Junior became the first foreign singers who hold concerts in Taiwan three times attracting the highest number of the audience.
As Super Junior appeared at the airport in Taiwan on March 16, about 2,500 fans crowded the airport to see them in the flesh.
At the concert, Super Junior presented a singing parade of hit songs including “Sorry Sorry,” “Bonamana,” “Mr. Simple,” And they prepared unit performances and each singer’s individual shows of different special appeals. Their well-prepared fantastic performances brought Taiwanese fans to a scene of wild excitement.
At the press conference held before the concert on March 18, leading Taiwan media channels such as Channel 3, Thairath and SEED Radio attended and competed to cover the newsworthy event and capture Super Junior’s members.
Super Junior will continue going forward with the concert tour, next time at the Le Zenith de Paris in Paris on April 6.
Source: Starnews 

SHINee’s Sherlock dominates overseas music charts

SHINee’s new album Sherlock is creating a huge sensation among global music fans.
The fourth mini-album, Sherlock, released on March 19, is drawing the attention of the focus among music fans across the world by ranking on upper positions of overseas iTunes charts.
SHINee’s new album is receiving much attention in countries where the wind of K-POP blows hard such as the US, Canada, the U.K., and France.
On the US iTunes music chart, Sherlock ranked 8th. This achievement can be viewed meaningful because the concerned chart is not a subordinate one, on which many Korean singers have been ranked, but a general chart. In addition to this, Sherlock climbed to upper ranks on iTunes charts of several countries including Mexico, Denmark and Sweden.
On the Japanese iTunes Chart, the album ranked top on its general chart, while winning the 8th position on Sweden’s, 10th on Mexico’s and 9th on Canada’s, which well reflects SHINee’s high popularity in the world. The pretty boys are poised to carry out enthusiastic activities with new songs to reciprocate fans’ love and support.
Source: Starnews 

CN BLUE Reveals New Teaser Ft. Jungshin.

After releasing the music video of their new song, CN BLUE teases fans with another video uploaded onto their official youtube channel. The video teaser featured bassist Jungshin decked in a studded leather jacket belting out some lines in his rock voice.
CN BLUE is preparing to make a comeback on 27 March with their 3rd mini-album titled ‘Ear Fun‘. FNC Entertainment had fans involved in guessing the album title through a word-scramble puzzle on their website earlier this month. With such overwhelming responses, the contest ended earlier than expected.

Source : CNBlue

Cube Entertainment Unveils The Mysterious BTOB Members

Cube Entertainment‘s newest boygroup is a mystery no more! As we reported earlier, their faces were hidden behind masks in their debut teaser heightening the curiousity of fans. However nearing their debut stage, the member profiles of upcoming group BTOB(Born To Beat) have been unveiled.

BTOB is made up of 7 members; Shin Peniel D., Lee Changsub, Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Jung Ilhoon, Yook Sungjae, and Lim Hyunsik. The members are born between 1990-1995 hence ages ranging between 18 – 23 years old(korean age).
Ready to make a change in the K-Pop music industry, the yet-to-debut group are setting their expectations high. With strong confident words, Cube Entertainment sums up in a sentence, “Not only will our boys meet your expectation, but also will set a new standard for K-POP.”
Are you ready for them? We are wondering if they will have stage names, and who has what role in the group. Stay tuned to find out!
Source: CUBEUNITEDCubicBeatz 

4minute shows off their innocent charms without false eyelashes

Girl group 4minute recently shot a pictorial without excessive makeup.
4minute has been giving unconventional performances and using thick makeup since 2009 when they debuted with their song “Hot Issue.” The group shot a pictorial for the April edition of Vogue Girl.
The group’s agency, Cube Entertainment, says, “We wanted to show the natural beauty of the members. Prior to their album release next month, the members had the chance to show off their charms through the pictorial.”
4minute members say, “We put on three layers of false eyelashes when we performed the song “Muzik.” We always wear thick makeup and colorful costumes on stage, we really wanted to shoot this kind of pictorial.”

Source: TV Report

JYJ sues, “Malicious articles are just to harm the members”

A spokesperson for group JYJ announced that they will sue a media outlet who released additional voice files regarding their ‘sasaeng fans.’
A media outlet reported, “The assailant Kim Jae Joong became a victim when media outlets covered their outbursts after certain incidents. His act of violence and violent language are interpreted as self-defense. What is worse is people think that the ‘sasaeng fans’ are not fans so they can be assaulted.”
“Obsessive love from ‘sasaeng fans’ should be blamed. They have to control themselves and reflect on their conduct. But an assailant is not allowed to turn into a victim. Even though they have been hurting a lot of stars, that doesn’t mean they can be violent.”
JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced, “Regarding the release of additional voice files of JYJ, we think that the articles are just malicious with the intent to harm the group members, not to give information to the public.”
“We decided to take legal action towards the malicious articles. We already asked our lawyers to write up a defamation complaint and it will be accepted today.”
“Since Park Yoo Chun’s father has passed away, the group members are having a hard time. We can not understand why they are acting like this.” JYJ’s legal agents, Sejong, said, “We think that releasing illegally recorded voice files with a persons real name, without consent from the person is clearly defamation and an invasion of their privacy.”
Source: TV Report 

Kim Hyun Joong sets out to communicate with fans across the world

Kim Hyun Joong was selected as the first celebrity interviewee of Yahoo! Celeb, Korea’s entertainment content service. A relevant event will be held to celebrate the first interview with Asia’s big-name star Kim Hyun Joong.
As the Korean version of Yahoo! OMG, Yahoo! Celeb was launched as an entertainment news service that handles Hollywood celebrities as well as Korean stars. Through the site, Kim Hyun Joong’s updates news along with photos will be delivered during the special event.
The event will surely be a big present for fans as well as Kim himself because it will be a place and a great chance for communication with fans across the world, sharing pleasant memories and updated news.
Kim Hyun Joong proved his high popularity in Asia through last year’s Asia concert tour. In addition, he won four prizes at the 2011 Yahoo Asia Buds Awards, proving once again his top stance as a big-name Asian star. That’s why he was selected as the first celebrity interviewee of Yahoo! Celeb Interview.
The event lifted its curtain on March 19. The interview video image will be released via the Yahoo! Network for fans who disappointingly failed to join the event.
Source: TV Report 

Lovely posters for ‘Love Rain’ released

TV series Love Rain starring Jang Keun Suk, SNSD’s Yoona, Lee Mi Sook, and Jung Jin Young released their fresh, new posters.
On March 20, the production company for KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain released posters for the series.
Including lead actors Jang (Seo In Ha in the 70s/ Seo Joon in 2012) and Yoona (Kim Yoon Hee in the 70s/ Jung Ha Na in 2012), many actors, Lee Mi Sook (Kim Yoon Hee in 2012), Jung Jin Young (Seo In Ha in 2012), Kim Si Hoo (Lee Dong Wook in the 70s/ Lee Sun Ho in 2012), and Kim Young Kwang (Han Tae Sung in 2012) gathered together to shoot posters.
Jang and Yoona dressed up as their characters in 2012 and posed for the camera in perfect harmony. The two handsome and beautiful stars showed off their professional skills and impressed the entire crew.
Seo In Gook (Kim Chang Mo in the 70s) made his surprise appearance at the set to cheer on the actors. Thanks to him, the actors had a lot of fun shooting the posters together.
Director Yoon Suk Ho took the lead in shooting and took care of the clothes and accessories for the actors. He said, “Jang, Yoona, and Kim Si Hoo look totally different from the 70s and in the 2012.”
The series will start airing on March 26 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report