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July 18, 2012

SNSD members show off their pretty legs in uniforms for London Olympics



SNSD members are cheering the Korean team participating in the London Olympics.
In the magazine High Cut that will be published on July 19, SNSD members will show off themselves in uniforms for the Korean team participating in the London Olympics.
Despite the fact that they’re dressed in uniforms, they’re immediately drawing many people’s attention by showing off their stylish looks with their nice figures and pretty legs.
SNSD say, “We’ll cheer all Korean athletes who participate in the London Olympics. We believe there’s going to be a girl group named SNSD even after ten years. We all promised not to break this group like Shinhwa.”
People responded: “SNSD members look so pretty in the uniforms for London Olympics.” “SNSD members are still very pretty in uniforms.” “I think the Korean athletes will be very much encouraged by SNSD.”
Source: TV Report

B.A.P release a teaser video of “No Mercy”

B.A.P recently released a teaser video of “No Mercy,” the lead track of their first EP.
Released on July 17 at 6:00 p.m., the teaser video of “No Mercy” features a fancy, stylish sound of the song and B.A.P members in outfits that accentuate the song’s concept and the performance that accentuate the sound. They have completely changed from the warrior’s concept presented through “Warrior” and “Power.”
It’s a 36-second short teaser video, but the strong drum beat that comes with the sounds of clapping and whistling and B.A.P’s fancy outfits and distinctive performance create B.A.P as trendsetting pop-boys.
In addition, Hong Won Gi, who became a well-known music video director through the music videos of SNSD, Seo Tae Ji, B2ST, and Super Junior, again created another masterpiece with a stylish stage set and distinctive editing.
What especially attracted many people’s attention was Zelo’s rap in dialect.
Zelo’s rap clearly implies that the song is a warning against the fake.
TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, says, “Zelo’s rap is created from Bang Yong Guk’s idea. ‘No Mercy’ is composed by TS Music’s producer Marco and Jeon Da Woon. Because B.A.P members enthusiastically participated in this song with a new approach, I can assure you that this is a new, stylish type of song that you haven’t heart before.”
The sound source and music video of “No Mercy” will be released on July 19.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Tiffany helps abandoned dogs by doing a photo shoot

SNSD’s Tiffany recently did a photo shoot to help abandoned dogs.
Tiffany did the photo shoot with the fashion magazine Ceci to help abandoned dogs in celebration of her birthday, which is August 1. In the photos, Tiffany is catching many people’s eyes by becoming a lovely princess in pink.
On the set, Tiffany portrayed a punky yet lovely girl as well as a cute girl in short pants with a floral pattern and a pink tube-top dress. According to reports, she also showed great teamwork with her pet Ari.
The thirteen items Tiffany is wearing in the photos will be sold by auction on the official website of Ceci. The pearl ring and necklace with Tiffany’s initials on and the belt and bag Tiffany was wearing during her performance as a member of Tae Ti Seo will also be on sale.
All profits from the auction will be donated to help and protect abandoned dogs under the name of Ceci and Tiffany.
People responded: “Tiffany is not only pretty but also kind.” “Tiffany is so awesome!” “I think I should buy one of the items for Tiffany.” “I want to praise Tiffany.” “Tiffany is so kind.”
Source: TV Report

A-JAX become the next-generation SS501 in Japan

A-JAX recently became the next-generation SS501.
A-JAX held their showcase at the Stella Ball in Shinagawa on July 11. Nearly 200 reporters from such media sources as TBS, Nihhon TV, Nikkan, Sankei, Daily Sports, and Sports Hochi swarmed over to the showcase to cover A-JAX.
The media sources named A-JAX the next-generation SS501 and the next-generation Hallyu stars who will succeed SS501 and KARA.
At the showcase, A-JAX performed a total of three songs, including the Japanese version of “One 4 U,” a lead track of their debut album in Korea.
Especially, KARA’s Park Gyuri appeared at the showcase as a host and received an enthusiastic response from the reporters and audiences.
Park said, “A-JAX members are like KARA’s younger brothers. They’re very powerful on stage but actually very cute. This group looks a lot like KARA.”
A-JAX will release a debut single in Japan in August.
Source: TV Report

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong releases final MV ‘My Precious One’ before military enlistment

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong has released his final MV My Precious One before his military enlistment of two years.
The singer will be officially beginning his mandatory military service on July 23rd. Before that, he released his 2nd mini-album, Meet Me Again, which is a gift to his fans who will wait for him patiently for two years.
His MV My Precious One is a gift to fans and shows him hanging out with an unidentified female, who supposedly encompasses all his female fans. He spends quality time with her, such as eating and shopping with her.
A bittersweet MV, check it out below.
Source: LOENENT YouTube

B2ST release the second jacket photo of their new EP

B2ST recently released a jacket photo of Yo Seob, Gi Kwang, and Hyun Seung before releasing their new EP.
On July 18, B2ST’s agency released the second jacket photo of B2ST’s fifth EP, “Midnight Sun.”
This picture shows lively looks of Yo Seob, Gi Kwang, and Hyun Seung, just like Dong Woon, Du Jun, and Jun Hyung’s, which was previously released. They’re portraying carefree boys in lively, punky outfits.
B2ST will release two opposite types of songs under the theme of ‘night.’ While “Midnight,” which was prereleased on July 15, describes sad love, the lead song “It’s Beautiful Night” describes the exciting night of people who dream of new love.
B2ST also tried a change not only in their visual concept but also music. Saying good-bye to Shinsadong Horaengi who used to make B2ST’s lead songs, they chose the new songwriting team Good Night – Sleep Well for the lead song “It’s Beautiful Night” this time.
B2ST’s fifth EP, “Midnight Sun,” will be on sale in advance on July 18 and will be officially released on July 24.
Source: Starnews

MBLAQ’s Mir reunites with some members of the 91-line

MBLAQ’s Mir has posted a picture of himself posing with a few members from the famous 91-line.
The 91-line is comprised of idol members who are born in the year 1991 and Mir reunited with a few of them at the recent Idol Athletic Championships. He shared the above picture and tweeted, “It’s been a while. 91-idol line ㅋㅋ”
In his picture are 2AM’s Jinwoon, SISTAR’s Soyou, miss A’s Min, and CNBLUE’s Jungshin. It is a bit of a pity that not all the members from the 91-idol line could be in this picture, but can you feel their close friendship?
Source: Mir’s Twitter

Big Bang’s G-Dragon has over 200,000 Twitter followers

Big Bang’s G-Dragon opened his Twitter account only two days ago but he already has over 200,000 followers.
G-Dragon started tweeting comments and pictures on July 16 and showed off his high popularity by signing up over 230,000 followers.
Taeyang left a welcome note for G-Dragon and G-Dragon expressed difficulties about using his Twitter account by saying, “I don’t know anything about this.”
On July 18, G-Dragon drew a lot of attention by posting a picture of him wearing a hat and mask and posing like he is riding a skateboard.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s Shindong takes a picture with his girlfriend

Super Junior’s Shindong recently took a picture with his girlfriend.
On July 18, Shindong tweeted a picture with the comment, “I’m posting this picture for the first time.”
In the picture, Shindong and his girlfriend are making funny faces. She is wearing sunglasses and showed off her cute appearance with Shindong.
People responded: “They look good together.” “I can’t really see her face but I think she is pretty.” “It’s good to see them together for such a long time.”
Shindong appeared on the July 17 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and talked about his girlfriend and how they had a hard time being together sometimes. But at the end he said, “We are back together.”
Source: Starnews

After School’s UEE talks about her first kiss: “He was also a singer…”

After School’s UEE recently talked about her first kiss.
In the July 16 episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, UEE talked about the boy that she shared the first kiss with.
Super Junior’s Shindong, MC for the show, asked UEE, “Did you share your first kiss with a trainee when you were a high school student?” UEE answered, “Yes, he debuted as a singer but he does not perform anymore.”
At the time, UEE was a member of the girl group Five Girls. She said, “Group members also know him.”
After School is currently keeping busy with their song “Flashback.”
Source: TV Report

Teen Top eats chicken for the dog days of summer

Teen Top recently took a group picture for the first day of the dog days of summer.
On July 18, Teen Top tweeted a picture with the comment, “Today is the beginning of the first period of the dog days of summer, so we had a delicious chicken dinner last night! The real heat wave is coming. Eat delicious food and escape from the summer heat.”
In the picture, Ricky, Chunji, and L.Joe are eating chicken. It looks like they don’t even care about if their picture is taken or not and it made many people laugh.
People responded: “It looks delicious. I should treat myself by eating chicken.” “They are enjoying the first period of the dog days of summer.” “I will wait for your picture of the mid dog days too.”
Source: TV Report

Check out the new “idol” group C-Clown!

The rookie “idol” group C-Clown is finally unveiled.
On July 18, there was C-Clown debut showcase at the Apgujeong-dong Yehall in Seoul and the new “idols” gave performances of its first EP titled Not Alone.
Having comedian Lee Hyuk Jae hosting the event, the group sang passionately “In the Car” and “I’m not Alone,” announcing the birth of a rising rookie group.
They greeted cheerfully, “Hello everyone, we’re C-Clown,” and the leader Rome said, “Before coming on the stage, we told ourselves to enjoy being on stage. We kept that in mind during our performances.”
Member Kang Joon continued, “We’ve performed on a guerrilla stage, but I feel very nervous because it is our first official stage. This is the place where all of our hard work will be paid off, so I’m so looking forward to it.”
Alongside the leader Rome, C-Clown is composed of five other members, and their names are Kang Joon, Ray, T.K., Ma Roo, and Shi Woo. Their agency is Yedang Entertainment which is known as the best company in the industry for releasing such famous singers as Lim Jae Bum and Guckkasten.
The name C-Clown is an abbreviation for “Crown Clown” which literally means that the six members are yet clowns, but they are aiming to become the best and will earn a crown in the music industry with the best quality of music and performance.
After the showcase, the boys will release the album and give debut performance on’s M Count Down on July 19 and begin their official activities.
Source: Xportsnews

Hidden jobs of male idol leaders?

The jobs of idol leaders are creating a stir.
Recently on an online community board, a post titled, ‘The jobs of male idol leaders based on their looks’ was uploaded. This post explained idol leader’s jobs from their usual image rather than their real jobs.
Super Junior’s Leeteuk was explained as, “The popular lecturer in our academy. He is such a good speaker. He has classes for five straight ours and still has a lot to say.” This job suits him because of Leeteuk’s usual image of emceeing on variety shows.
Big Bang’s G-Dragon was explained as, “The leader of a dance society in a nearby school.” SHINee’s On.U was written as, “Representative of our department. He is kind and innocent.” 2AM’s Jo Kwon was described as, “A close colleague of mine who sweeps across all the talent shows during our school gatherings. B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun was recommended as the “Physical education teacher.” In addition, C.N Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa was described as the “Handsome looking oppa from church.”
Netizens commented: “It all seems plausible…” “It’s funny how I have no trouble imagining them with these jobs.” “This is hilarious.”
Source: Xportsnews

NU’EST is appointed an honorary ambassador of Korea Scout Association

NU’EST was recently appointed an honorary ambassador of Korea Scout Association.
On July 18, Korea Scout Association held an event for the appointment and granted the group the appointment certificate.
The Association is one of the biggest groups of young people. The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is the non-governmental international organization which governs most national Scout Organizations, with 31 million members. Korea Scout Association consists of 20 bureaus and about 370,000 members.
“All the members of NU’EST consist of teenagers and the group is renowned for representing teenagers on behalf of them. With all those background, we chose the group as an honorary ambassador.”
Having been appointed as an honorary ambassador, NU’EST will take part in various promotions for Korea Scout Association.
Source: Starnews