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February 19, 2012

Kara, the girl group with refreshing, cute, and sexy charm, turned its 10,000 fans “Karaholic” at the concert

On February 18 at 6:25 p.m., Kara held its solo concert “Karasia” at the Olympics Gymnasium in Bangi-dong, Seoul. The group started off the concert with “Step,” “Wanna,” and “Jumping.”
Karasia is Kara’s first solo concert since its debut five years ago, and it fascinated audience from the opening with three songs in a rush.

After performing three songs in a row, Kara gasped for air and shouted, “Hi, everyone. We’re Kara. Welcome all of you to our first solo concert, Karasia. We were actually worried about the show because of the cold weather, but we’re glad to see you all here. Thank you. We couldn’t sleep well last night because we were so nervous. Nevertheless, we’re going to give our best on this stage with you. Stay with us.”
Then Kara performed a slow-tempo song “Secretly, Secretly” appealing with different charm from the opening. The performance was followed by four others, “Umbrella,” “Bings,” “Date,” and “With” showing off the members’ beautiful voices.
The group added, “We haven’t started the actual concert yet, but if we don’t hear enough cheer from the audience, we’ll leave out some songs. But you don’t want that, right? Then give us a big hand and cheers. We’ve prepared a hidden card, the individual stages for you. You can look forward to it. But before that, let us continue with ‘Ing’ and ‘Wait.’”

Individual performances of each member were spectacular.
On giving the performance, each member showed confidence for preparing it amongst themselves. As to respond to Kara’s effort poured in the preparation for a long time, audience gave off an explosive cheer. Kara even performed some songs that aren’t released yet, and built audience’s expectation even higher.
The first individual performance was about Park Gyuri. She appeared in a red dress and danced tango passionately with a male dancer. Also, she acted out a breaking-up scene naturally, appealing a sexy stage.
On the other hand, Han Seung Yeon approached the audience appealing her cute charm. She acted a princess from a fairy tale with staff in puppet costumes.

Moreover, Nicole performed Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and attracted audience’s eyes with a spectacular and strong performance in the costume of Michael Jackson. Next, Goo Hara sang “Secret Love” in a cute voice using adorable gestures in a lively atmosphere.
To heat up the concert even more, members sang their hits “Lupin,” “Let It Go,” and “Break It” in a medley.
After the medley, individual performances continued. Kang Jiyoung, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, Nicole, and Park Gyuri each projected different charms from previous stages.

Also, Kara performed “Lonely,” “Winter Magic,” “Honey,” “Jet Coaster Love,” “Dear Kamilia,” “My Darling,” and “Mister.” The grand finale was covered with the encore stages of “Pretty Girl,” “Girls Be Ambitious,” and “Rock You.” The three-hour concert was successful.
Having Seoul concert as a starting point, Karasia will continue in six to seven different countries in Asia, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand in April.

Source: TV Report
Picture : All of K pop

Miss A’s new song “Touch” is finally unveiled.

On February 20, Miss A’s “Touch” was finally unveiled via major music-download sites. The title song, “Touch,” involved devoted works of producer and musician Park Jin Young. Earlier, Park left a relevant comment on his me2DAY page: “The thought of the song makes my heart flutter.”
“Touch” is a song of a bursting but hurtfully conditioned love, which will lead us to meet matured grown-up Miss A’s members who try to deliver the deep feelings of sad love. The song’s addictive melody and lyrics makes us feel more attracted to it.
Besides “Touch,” the new album includes love songs of delicate sentiments: “Lips,” “Rock n Rule,” “No Mercy,” and “Over U.” Through these songs, Miss A is poised to reveal their feminine appeals, breaking away from the current girlish images.
On February 19, Miss A’s Suzy tweeted a comment: “Just two are left until our new songs are unveiled. Come right now and listen to its title song, ‘Touch.’”
Source: TV Report

Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye reveals her affection towards her boyfriend, “Love always perseveres.”

Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye publicly confessed her feelings for his boyfriend.
On February 19, Sun Ye uploaded a picture of his boyfriend and tweeted, “The reason I breathe, I really hope that even small things in my life be a blessing to everyone. It might be insignificant at first, but I want to be a light that really shines upon the world.”
She continued, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”
She added, “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I truly believe that this is true love. In the truth..”
Lastly, she said, “I pray that this true love be in our lives. Even though we cannot be perfect, let us try to love others sincerely. Lord! I pray that my heart is where your heart is.”
The picture was taken during the mission work in Haiti, where they first met each other.
Netizens commented: “I can really feel your heart.” “I wish you happiness.”
Recently, Sun Ye created a stir by publicly revealing her relationship with a missionary boyfriend on SBS TV’sStrong Heart.
Source: TV Report

This week’s MBC Music Core February 18, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core February 18, 2012
New MC : SNSD Taeyeon & Seohyun
Hot Stage : FTIsland “Severely”, Teen Top “CRAZY”, B.A.P “WARRIOR”
Goodbye Stage : NS Yoon G “The  Reason I Became a Witch”
Comeback Stage : K.will “I Hate Myself”, “I Need You”
Hot Debut : EXID “Whoz That Girl”
This week’s cats were AXIZ, X-5, ChoColat, Yeon Ji Hoo, ChAOS, Stellar, Sweet Sorrow, EXID, LED Apple, Ailee, NS Yoon G, SPICA, Miryo, Buga Kingz, Dal Shabet, SunnyHill, B.A.P, Brian Joo, K.will, Teen Top and FTIsland.

FTIsland : Severely

Teen Top : CRAZY


K.will : I Hate You

EXID : Whoz That Girl

NS Yoon G : The Reason I Became a Witch

Brian Joo : Let This Die

Dal Shabet : Hit U

Buga Kingz : Don’t Go

Miryo : Dirty

SPICA : Russian Roulette

LED Apple : Time is Up

Sweet Sorrow : VIVA!

Stellar : U.F.O

ChAOS : She is Coming

ChoColat : Same Thing to Her

Yeon Ji Hoo : She’s going follow me

AXIZ : Why Don’t You Give Up
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This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for February 19, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for February 19, 2012
Today MC : Nicole, IU, Goo Hara
This week’s Mutizen Song : Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”
This week’s Take Seven :
#2. Se7en “When I can’t Sing”
#3. Block B “Narina”
#4. Teen Top “Crazy”
#5. Dal Shabet “Hit U”
#6. FTIsland “Severely”
#7. Davich “I will Think of You”
Comeback Special : K.will “I Hate Myself”, “I Need You”
Hot Debut : EXID “Whoz That Girl”
Goodbye Stage : NS Yoon G “The  Reason I Became a Witch”
Inkygayo Campaign Song : K.will & Sistar “Low-Carbon Campaign Song”
This week’s cats were AXIZ, Wink, SPEED, Take Hyun, K.will, EXID, Stellar, Ailee, LED Apple, Block B, Nine Muses, NS Yoon G, Dal Shabet, SPICA, B.A.P, Davichi, K.will, Teen Top, FTIsland and Se7en.

Se7en “When I can’t Sing”

FTIsland “Severely”


Teen Top “Crazy”

Dal Shabet “Hit U”

K.will “I Hate Myself”

EXID “Whoz That Girl”

NS Yoon G “The  Reason I Became a Witch”

AXIZ “Why Don’t You Give It Up”

Wink “Adda, go-geot-cham”

TAKE HYUN “Stand By Me”

Stellar “U.F.O”

LED Apple “Time Is Up”
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