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September 18, 2012

IU holds her first Japanese concert for over five thousand fans

IU recently successfully completed her first exclusive Japanese concert with over five thousands fans.
IU held the Japanese concert in Tokyo, Japan on September 17. It was the first local concert since her debut in Japan in March.
On September 18, Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported, “Korean female singer IU passionately sang “You and I” and Anzenchitai’s “Friend” in front of five thousand people at her first Japanese exclusive concert.” According to the media outlet, IU said at her concert, “I can see a lot of females here. Please bring your boyfriends next time.”
IU sang around twenty songs at the concert and the fans stood up throughout the concert to give her their support. The fans seemed to be impressed by the cute and lovely IU.
Source: Starnews

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