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May 15, 2012

Dalmatian postpones their second mini album release

Group Dalmatian will release their second mini album on May 16, one day later than the original release date.
The mini album State of Emergency was going to be released both on and offline on May 15, but they had to postpone the album release due to unexpected problems from sound source. As a result, the album will be released on May 16.
A spokesperson for the group’s agency, says, “There were problems on sound source that we gave to the distributor so we had to re-record the songs. We worked harder and made higher quality music.”
The spokesperson added, “We are so sorry for causing troubles to the fans who have been waiting for the group. Dalmatian members also feel sad about this incident. But since they got an extra day, they are practicing hard to give perfect performances.”
A teaser for the title song “E.R” from the group’s second mini album received over 50,000 hits only in one day of its release.
Source: TV Report

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