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September 17, 2012

FT Island sell over 30,000 copies of their fourth album, Five Treasure Box

FT Island have sold 30,000 copies of their fourth album, Five Treasure Box, in a week.
Since they released their fourth album on September 10, they have topped the charts for a week, even on the weekend. They also topped the weekly charts of sales.
The new album of FT Island contains a total of ten songs, including the lead track, “I Wish.” Seven of them are written or composed by FT Island members. The group has released many songs written and composed by themselves in Japan, but the portion they participated in is the largest this time.
FT Island received many favorable reviews from September 13 to 16 with the lead track and other songs of their new album.
They also attracted a lot of attention by performing different songs on different TV shows.
In the episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, which aired on September 13, the group performed “I Wish” and “Let It Go,” a song composed by Choi Jong Hoon, and in the episode of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank, which aired on September 14, they performed “Paper Plane,” a song written and composed by Lee Jae Jin.
In the episode of MBC TV’s Show! Music Core, which aired on September 15, they performed “Compass,” a song composed by Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun and written by Lee Hong Ki, and in the episode of SBS TV’sInkigayo, which aired on September 16, they performed “Life,” a song composed by Choi Jong Hoon and written by Lee Hong Ki.
FT Island say, “It’s our new album released in three years. We really appreciate your love and interest. We’ve just finished our performances in the first week, and we were really happy and excited while performing. We’ll try to show you better performances, so please look forward to it.”
FT Island will continue promoting the lead track, “I Wish.”
Source: Xportsnews

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