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August 19, 2012

Producer for Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio apologizes to KARA

The production crew for KBS’s Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio recently apologized to KARA.
The August 16 episode of the radio show played KARA’s new song “Pandora.” But the song was originally supposed to be released on August 22. Many people complained about it on itheir bulletin board and the listeners asked them to apologize.
The production crew posted an apology note on their official Twitter account. It says, “KARA’s unreleased new song played on the show today. The person who selected the song only checked that the song has passed the deliberation and didn’t check the release date of their EP. Please don’t share today’s episode.”
Producer Jung Hyun Jae posted a note on their official website, “I’m the one who selected the song. I had to record another episode of the show so I just arrived home now. Sorry for causing trouble to KARA and their fans.”
“It’s my fault because I didn’t check the release of the song. I’m so sorry I made you worry about spreading the unreleased song. I will try not to make the same mistake in the future.”
“The recorded episode doesn’t include songs. If I find files, including the song, shared online, I will try to stop it. I’m sorry again to cause you so much trouble.”
People responded: “They made a big mistake and they have to apologize.” “I was so surprised to hear the song. I hope the song doesn’t spread.”
Source: TV Report

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