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August 19, 2012

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su kisses a girl in bed

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently shot some unconventional love scenes for his music video.
Kim released his first English song “Uncommitted,” which is an urban pop ballad , and a music video for the song on August 17.
The music video was released on his official YouTube channel ( Kim shot the unconventional love scenes which are rare for idols.
In the video, Kim runs with a model while holding her hand and they look like a real couple. Kim kisses her while they are in bed and touches her cheek in a club.
People who saw the video responded: “It’s more shocking than the teaser.” “The video is so great but I feel jealous.” “Whenever he holds his hands up, my heart stops beating.”
Kim says, “I was embarrassed to shoot a kissing scene as soon as I met her. But the model was very good at acting and the atmosphere on the set was very nice.”
“I hope that you can have romantic autumn with my first English single “Uncommitted.”"
Source: TV Report

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