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August 19, 2012

A special photo for Big Bang G-Dragon’s birthday!

Before he comes out as a soloist after a hiatus of three years, Big Bang’s G-Dragon revealed a part of his new song as a surprise.
On August 17, the singer tweeted a video clip which shows a part of his new song and commented “Today is my birthday, but I’m in a studio. However, I’m happy for all the birthday wishes and this is a service! Olleh.”
The clip has groovy beats with G-Dragon’s rap, and it builds fans’ expectation on what kind of music he will come out with his new album.
Moreover, YG Entertainment revealed a special picture to celebrate G-Dragon’s birthday on the official blog.
Among many foreign beauties dressed in vivid-colored leggings and roller skates, G-Dragon sits in the middle wearing a big wool hat and pastel-toned overall holding a skateboard in his arms. He makes a cute pose.
There is the caption “Happy Birthday GD” on top of the picture, addressing viewers that it is his birthday today.
In the meantime, G-Dragon is busy wrapping up the work of his solo album going back and forth his studio and dormitory.
Source: TV Report

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