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May 21, 2012

New group CROSS GENE slowly revealing members

2012 has already seen a whole host of male groups debuting and making come backs, and it seems as though this trend is not slowing down any time soon. Originally classified as ‘Project A’, CROSS GENE, which is part of the company Amuse Korea, is a project group made between Japan and Korea. Because of this collaboration between Korea and Japan, it is not known yet what CROSS GENE’s music direction and style will be like. Will they be more Jpop or Kpop, or a merging between the two is anyone’s guess at this point. As CROSS GENE’s members have begun to be revealed on their official website, there is much speculation that their début cannot be too far off.

The first member to be revealed is Japanese member Terada Takuya, born in ’92. On the CROSS GENE website he is labelled as ‘Gorgeous Gene’. Takuya is a both a model and actor in Japan, and at a height of 187cm, it’s no wonder he’s been quickly snapped up to become an idol and given the title of ‘Gorgeous Gene’. At this time, it is a guess that each member may be specially linked with a certain type of gene or trait i.e. ‘Intelligent Gene’ or ‘Sporty Gene’.

Although any other members have not been officially confirmed yet, there has been much speculation as to who they could be. From the website, the members’ names can be seen along with an outline of their faces. From this fans have been trying to gather together information on people each member may be. It’s not yet known what the ratio of Japanese to Korean members will be.

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