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May 21, 2012

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su’s older brother composes music for Kim Jun Su

Kim Juno, JYJ’s Kim Jun Su’s older brother, has shared his feelings about participating in music production.
On May 19, Juno tweeted, “My first attempt in writing lyrics was the song ‘Mission.’ Jun Su trusted me in writing another song called ‘Fever,’ then he asked me for two more songs saying that he liked the lyrics.
When I was going through that process, I highly doubted if an amateur like me could write songs good enough for my brother’s first solo album. Also, I was afraid of hurting his reputation. But when I heard that the music came out great, many people loved it, and the concert was successful, I couldn’t help thinking that I had the best younger brother in the world.”
He expressed his gratitude by adding, “I will be very happy if I get to see him performing ‘Mission,’ ‘Tarantallegra,’ ‘Turning Around And Around,’ and ‘Fever’ myself. Because I had other things to do, I never got to see them directly, but I thank Jun Su for trusting me in producing the songs and giving outstanding performances. I know that all songs listed on his album are great pieces of music, but I want to give special thanks for those who especially love ‘Tarantallegra,’ ‘Turning Around And Around,’ and ‘Fever.’”
On May 15, Kim Jun Su released his first official album Tarantallegra and held 1st Asia Tour in Seoul on May 19 at the Jamsil Arena. The concert will go on until the next day, the 20th.
Source: TV Report

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