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May 21, 2012

All the B2ST members show up at a concert of JYJ’s Junsu

All the B2ST members showed up at a concert of JYJ’s Junsu and received a lot of attention.
Having released his first solo album, titled Tarantallegra on May 15, Junsu held a concert titled the 1st Asian Tour in Seoul at the Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul on May 19 The concert is scheduled to be held till May 20. .
Reportedly, all the members of B2ST enjoyed the concert from the audience seats. Somebody tweeted: “This is where Junsu’s concert is going on. There are guys covering their faces with masks and they are B2ST! And nobody cares for them—six members of B2ST and two of their managers.”
Junsu and B2ST members became friends through a football team of celebrities named FC MEN. B2ST Jang Hyun Seung was cast as a lead in musical Mozart, taking over the role by Junsu.
Netizens responded: “Kim Jusu and B2ST! What a high-profile relationship!” “Six members of B2ST appear at Junsu’s concert! Amazing” “Wish I hit Junsu’s concert. Envy you guys with tickets.”
Source: TV Report

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