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May 21, 2012

EXO and their fans at Disneyland!

With SM Town happening in L.A this past weekend, it seemed like American Kpop fans were out in force to show their support to the SM artists who’d flown over. Whenever Kpop idols go to another country for a concert and to promote, you expect fans to be out on the street trying to snap a picture of their favourite groups. After all, the chances to see Kpop groups in a country that isn’t South Korea, or a neighbouring country to it, are few and far between. However, you’d usually expect a massive amount of hype and excitement for a well established act like SNSD or DBSK, who have built up huge fan bases over the years, but not so much for a rookie group.

Even so, SM Entertainment’s newest group, EXO, discovered that even though rookies who debuted around a month ago, they had plenty of fans in L.A! The day before the SM Town concert, SM artists had a free day to relax. EXO, of which both EXO-M and EXO-K were in attendance, had a fun day out at Disneyland. If EXO thought they’d be having a free day in relative anonymity, they were nicely surprised as many EXO fans were also in the theme park. EXO looked shocked but very happy and thankful to find that they already had so many people cheering for them in L.A. Plenty of fancams and photos have since been uploaded onto the internet of EXO in Disneyland, demonstrating just how many fans EXO have in the USA. By all accounts, EXO were very polite in acknowledging fans and seemed to have a really fun day out! We look forward to seeing more of EXO in the future.
Chanyeol and Kai having fun with bubbles!

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