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August 22, 2012

B.A.P completes “No Mercy” performances and releases repackage EP

B.A.P will stop performing “No Mercy,” which was very popular in Asia, so they can release their repackage EP.
On August 22, agency, TS Entertainment, said that the group will stop performing the song “No Mercy,” which has ranked first on a Taiwanese chart for five weeks in a row, this week and will release their repackage EP next week.
The song is an exciting hip-hop with a rock-riff combination. Bang Yong Guk and Zelo rapped for the song with an accent and Samulnori, a traditional Korean music performance, complemented the song. The song was released on July 19 and ranked first on Taiwanese G-music K-pop chart for five weeks in a row. The song also ranked first on the German Asian music chart in August.
The repackage EP includes songs from their EP No Mercy and two additional songs. A popular songwriter team, who wrote SISTAR’s “Loving You,” MBLAQ’s “It’s a War,” Eru’s “I Hate You,” and Baek Ji Young’s “Voice,” created a new title song for the group.
B.A.P, who showed off both of their strong and sweet charms through songs “Warrior” and “Secret Date,” made people wonder about their new performance and the new song.
Source: Xportsnews


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