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August 22, 2012

SHINee’s Key has a fox wrapped around his neck for ‘Dazzling Girl’ teaser photo

Following the teaser image of fellow member Taemin, it’s time for SHINee’s Key to display his fashionista sense for his individual Dazzling Girl teaser..
Clad in black, just like Taemin did, with his image in black-and-white, Key shows off a new look and one that hasn’t been seen before from the diva. Flaunting his short haircut, Key wears a needle-like ring on his finger and holds a fox around his neck. The fox around his neck had many fans clamoring and wondering whether or not the fox was real and exclaimed that he looked as handsome as ever.
Following the release of Key’s teasers, the rest of the members should be releasing their teasers sequentially. SHINee’s 4th Japanese single, Dazzling Girl, will be released on October 10th.


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