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May 17, 2012

Jay Park releases six songs worldwide for free

Jay Park recently gave his fans some surprising presents.
On May 16, Park released a mixtape, composed of 6 new songs, on a website (
Mixtape is an album, which includes undisclosed tracks or rearranged songs by an artist. Popular foreign artists, including, Chris Brown and Usher, often release mix tapes.
Park’s mixtape FRESH A!R:BREATHE !T is composed of 6 songs and all the songs have never been released before.
He released the songs not for sale but for free. Even though he is busy promoting himself in Asia and touring the United States, he worked hard on the mixtape for his fans.
Since the mix tape includes new songs with new styles, which Park has never showed before, it is expected to impress and stimulate the audience.
Park participated in writing all the songs and showed off his skills as a talented musician. He also worked as a producer for the mixtape to make it perfect.
The title song for the mixtape is “Body 2 Body,” which includes strongly addictive beats. The mixtape includes various songs with various genres, including electronic, R & B, hip hop, and pop. The songs will be released on Park’s YouTube account ( and other websites.
Park will keep busy performing in the United States and will begin his ‘APAHM Tour’ on May 19. He will tour Washington, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Source: TV Report

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