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March 21, 2012

A teaser of CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun: “I’m the real man”

A teaser video of CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun was released on March 21.
Lee introduced his teaser, saying, “I’m the real man in CN Blue. I was to have you hear a powerful guitar sound and see a manly look of me. Did I succeed?”
Lee has captivated many music fans with his extraordinary guitar-playing, eyes, and poses. People responded: “Lee Jong Hyun’s teaser is awesome,” “I fell in love with Lee Jong Hyun,” “I’m so excited about the music in Lee Jong Hyun’s teaser.”
The third and fourth teaser videos of CN Blue will be released on CN Blue’s official website, Nate, and Cyworld Music on March 22 and 23 at midnight, respectively.
Including the title song “Hey You,” CN Blue’s new album will be released on March 26, which is a day earlier than previously scheduled.

Source: TV Report

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