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May 28, 2012

4Minute’s Hyun Ah confesses, “I feel empty on my way home after big performances”

4Minute’s Hyun Ah has shared what she is recently concerned about.
In the episode of KBS 2’s Invincible Youth 2 that will broadcast on May 26, Hyun Ah makes a surprise appearance with another member So Hyun, and Park Sang Myun and generates a friendly mood.
In the segment within the show called “Invincible Youth’s Counseling Center,” Hyun Ah confesses, “After performing on big stages, I feel very empty on my way home. Usually, I have meal in the van, on my way to work on the next schedule, and whenever that happens I feel like taking a trip to a vast place and eat a lot of good food.”
On hearing this, emcee Kim Shin Young says, “Well, we’re in a vast place now, so one of your problem is solved, and let’s work on the other one.” She inspires laughter as she takes out some cooked chicken. Hyun Ah doesn’t seem to be able to hide her excitement before the food and finishes it.
Netizens commented: “Hyun Ah has the same problem with an ordinary office worker.” “I couldn’t agree more with her.” “I want to take a trip too and take a rest.” “It’s really hard to live a life.”
Source: TV Report

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