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July 15, 2012

Infinite members in suit: A poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert is released

A poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert has recently been released.
On July 16, Infinite’s agency released a poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert. Through the poster, Infinite members are captivating female fans with their chic looks in white shirts and black jackets.
The poster is especially getting a lot of attention because Infinite members are portraying themselves in a green room before going out to stage. One of them is listening to music and another one is checking his outfit, getting ready to see his fans.
This poster was also released in CGV theaters in Kangnam and Yeongdeungpo, attracting many people’s attention. People responded: “I’m so excited to see Infinite members in a green room.” “They all look great in suit.” “I can’t wait to see them at the concert.”
All 10,000 tickets for the concert, titled That Summer, were sold in only 15 minutes after the ticket sales began. Their concert also ranked first on the most searched word list. Infinite will hold a concert at the AX Hall for five days from August 8 to 12.
Source: TV Report

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