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July 15, 2012

B.A.P release jacket photos of their new EP, “Pop Boy”

B.A.P recently released jacket photos of their first EP, indirectly informing about their new release.
TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, recently released jacket photos of Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, and Young Jae.
In these jacket photos, the B.A.P members are portraying pop boys with strong red clothes and accessories. They have completely changed from their previous concept of powerful warriors.
“Pop Boy” has been derived from “Pop Girl,” a new term that indicates a trendsetter of girls. “Pop Boy” is a new term that shows B.A.P’s hope to lead the trend in music and fashion by closely interacting with the public.
In the photos, Zelo’s hair is in two different colors, gold and mint.
According to reports, part of his pants was torn while he was posing on a skateboard, but he created a distinctive picture with his hilarious pose and facial expression.
Young Jae is also creating a stylish look in red pants and a trench coat. According to reports, he strengthened the image of a pop boy with his own beanie.
The leader Bang Yong Guk’s look is especially attracting a lot of attention. In a red sleeveless shirt and pants, Bang’s hair is gold and strong red. With fancy gold accessories, a flag tied around his waist, and a baseball bat, he is creating an image of an athlete who is ready to take part in the Olympic Games.
B.A.P topped the K-pop chart in Malaysia with “Power.” Their new EP will be released on July 19.
Source: TV Report

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