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July 15, 2012

B.A.P ranks at the top of a K-pop chart in Malaysia

Recently, B.A.P’s “Power” topped the rankings of a K-pop chart in Malaysia.
8TV, one of the biggest broadcasting systems in Malaysia, broadcasted B.A.P on top of a K-pop chart which airs every week on its leading program Nite Live.
The group’s record attracts more attention than usual because such competitive K-pop artists and their songs as Big Bang’s “Monster,” Kim Jun Su’s “Tarantallegra,” and Infinite’s “Chaser” follow the rankings.
On July 6, B.A.P held an exclusive showcase at the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Previously on the 4th, the boys appeared as guests on the final stage of 8TV Showdowns 2012, the auditioning program which attracts the most viewers of the station. Without a doubt, the viewer ratings of the show sky rocketed at their appearance. About 700,000 households in total have watched the group’s spectacular performance.
Considering B.A.P as rising K-pop star, 8TV has reported most of B.A.P’s press conferences, interviews, and showcases in real time on its programs. Continuously, the staff of 8TV is shooting individual activities of the group and even organizing a special program for them.
B.A.P has released “Goodbye” recently, and after releasing their EP next week, they will begin activities officially.
Source: TV Report

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