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April 06, 2012

T-ara to add two new members in July

T-ara will be reorganized into a nine member group.
On April 6, CEO Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, announced, “We’re reorganizing T-ara from a seven member group into a nine member group. If needed, we will also replace some members.”
Kim also said, “The additional two members will be part of T-ara’s new album scheduled to be released in July. We’ll make a concept that fits the nine-member-centered system.”
The reason Kim is trying to change T-ara to a nine member group is because they’re several celebrities who flatter themselves and become lazy after their success.
Kim said, “I know that many people are worried about the member change in T-ara. However, I thought that T-ara shouldn’t be satisfied with their current situation only because they became popular. T-ara didn’t go trough a long training period, so they have to try harder.”
Kim also said, “Considering all the facts like the controversy over T-ara’s attitudes toward people and on the stage, I feel very sorry to the fans as a producer of T-ara. T-ara and all staff members from Core Contents Media will try their best not to cause such controversy anymore. If there are any members who negatively influence other members because of their pride and laziness, I’m going to replace them.”
The new members will join T-ara in July.
Source: TV Report

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