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March 27, 2012

After JYJ perform at the Blue House, president’s wife greets Yoo Chun and says, “I’m really enjoying The Rooftop Prince.”

JYJ held a special concert at the Blue House for Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.
According to their agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on March 27, JYJ performed on the afternoon at the reception hall of the Blue House for the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Spouse Event.
Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su, and Kim Jae Joong captivated the guests eyes and pleased their ears by performing “Be My Girl” and “In Heaven.”
The event manager reveals, “I know JYJ as the only group who gained popularity in North Amercia, Europe, and even South America. I really want to express my gratitude to JYJ because the guests including the first lady loved the concert. This has been another opportunity to once again to let the world know of K Pop.”
Sixteen summit couples attended as guests for this event: Bagon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Swiss, Singapore, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, Philippines, UN, and EU.
JYJ states, “We are glad to have been invited to such an important event and introduce the excellence of Korea. We’re happy that we were able to enhance the prestige of Korea after our World Tour. We really wish that the guests make significant memories about Korea even though it has been a brief moment of time.”
The representatives of Swiss, Vietname, Philippines, Chile, South Africa attracted attention because they waited for JYJ and asked to take a picture together. The president’s wife Kim Yoon Ok greeted Park Yoo Chun by saying, “I’m really enjoying the series, The Rooftop Prince.”
JYJ has recently wrapped up their world tour after touring 15 cities. They will be focusing on personal activities such as acting on a TV series, and a musical.
Source: Starnews

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