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July 31, 2012

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun will go on the second tour of Japan

Singer Kim Hyung Jun will go on the second concert tour of Japan this year.
On July 31, S Plus Entertainment, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim will go on the second national tour of Japan in celebration of the release of his new album, Escape, under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 2nd Story in Japan.
Kim successfully held his first concert tour of Japan, under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 1st Story in Japan, from the end of March to early April this year.
Kim will fly to Japan on August 1 and hold a total of nine concerts at ZEPP concert halls in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo from August 3 to 26.
Because Kim’s new album, Escape, will be released on August 8, many fans of Kim and people from the Japanese music scene are paying close attention to his new solo album and national tour.
A spokesperson for SWAVE E&T, a company that will conduct Kim’s tour, says, “This is Kim Hyung Jun’s second national tour of Japan. This will lead him to consolidate his position in Japan as a soloist and a Hallyu star and to have a larger fan base.”
Source: Starnews

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