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July 31, 2012

Check out Teen Top’s new “traffic light” hair

Recently, Teen Top members revealed their new hair which became known as the “traffic light” hair.
Before the release of the song “Be Ma Girl” on August 3, the group has built up more expectations over the song by giving some change to their hair which reminded viewers of a traffic light.
On July 31, a picture was posted on the account of Teen Top on Me2day with the comment “I immediately came up with this word when I saw the colors of Chang Jo, Chun Ji hyung, and Ricky’s new hair. Guess which of the following words I’m thinking:  no.1 the Olympic flag or no.2 traffic light. It you get it right, you’re the cool guy.” The picture shows members with new hair of red, yellow, and blue color.
Teen Top will release the second teaser of “Be Ma Girl” on August 5 on its official website.
Source: TV Report

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