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February 20, 2012

The gentleman T.O.P of Big Bang says in a suit, “If I find my true love, I’ll get married whenever possible”

Big Bang’s T.O.P changed into a witty gentleman.
Actor and singer T.O.P recently shot pictorials for the special edition of Cosmopolitan. T.O.P wears a New York styled suit of stylish men’s favorite brand of this generation, Thom Browne. He poses in a unique fit with originality showing somewhat mischievous look.
In the interview after the shooting, T.O.P said, “I will never play the ‘star’ that will threaten my position as an actor. I don’t want to play boring and popular roles like a singer, bad boy, or son of a rich family.”
When told that he would fit well in every character, he said, “I’ve always thought that I don’t quite fit in my career as an entertainer. I’m not that talented, but I’m building up what I’ve studies and learned within my ability.”
He also said that he likes women who are easy-going and who can bear him, adding that he does not want to get married at an early age, but he will do that whenever possible if he finds his true love.
The pictorial and interview of the gentleman T.O.P will be available in March issue of Cosmopolitan.
Source: Sports Korea

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