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May 08, 2012

miss A’s Suzy makes reckless remarks? “I laugh a little less as I grow older”

miss A’s Suzy allegedly made some reckless remarks.
In the May 7 episode of KBS’s public talk show Hello, Suzy, Sayuri, and Shin Bo Ra appeared as guests to consult the audience.
MCs for the show asked Suzy, “We don’t think you have any worries because your movie and other your works have become very successful. Do you have any worries?” Suzy answered, “I laugh a lot now but I think I laugh little less as I grow older.”
The MCs fell into a state of lethargy and Jung Chan Woo, one of the MCs, made people laugh by saying, “Are you saying that we (old people) should die?”
On the show, a mixed martial arts fighter named Yook Jin Soo appeared and said that he is easily moved to tears.
Source: Starnews

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