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September 23, 2012

TVXQ will release their new album on Sep. 24

TVXQ’s new album, Catch Me, will be released on September 24 at noon.
This new album of TVXQ contains a total of eleven songs of such various genres as R&B, dance, ballad, and metal, including the lead track, “Catch Me.” Such famous composers as The Underdogs, Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, and hitchhiker have participated in this album.
The lead track, “Catch Me,” is a dance, which is accompanied by a trendy electronic sound, an orchestral melody, and a strong Dubstep melody.
“Viva” is composed by The Underdogs, the world-famous production team that has worked with such famous artists as Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake. It combines classic R&B, pop, and hip-hop sounds. The lyrics of “I Swear” are written by Changmin, expressing his appreciation for his fans who always support TVXQ.
“I Don’t Know,” a Korean version of their Japanese single, is characterized by a strong rhythm, and “Dream,” a cover of Chanimini’s song released in 1999, is a rock accompanied by an acoustic sound.
In addition, this new album contains “Destiny,” which is characterized by Yunho and Changmin’s improvisation; ”Like A Soap,” which likens secret love to a soap lying in the corner; “How Are You,” a slow-tempo ballad; “Getaway,” which is similar to the British metal; “Gorgeous,” a synth electronic song; and “Good Night.” a romantic R&B.
TVXQ will promote the lead track, “Catch Me.”
Source: TV Report

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