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September 23, 2012

TVXQ releases the teaser video for comeback album ‘Catch Me’

SM’s duo TVXQ has now released the teaser video for their upcoming title track, Catch Me, which is also the name of their 6th Korean album.
TVXQ kicked off their comeback teasers earlier in the week by releasing a couple of individual teaser images as well as a couple of group teasers. The duo hasn’t released any new Korean material since their release of Keep Your Head Down last year, making it nearly two years since they stood in front of their Korean fans. The teaser video showcases some new snazzy, well-executed dance moves and new sound. SM also will be using their 360 slow-motion matrix cameras for the music video.
Catch Me will be released online on September 24th and offline on September 26th.

Source: SMTOWN

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