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September 23, 2012

Reply 1997 star Seo In Guk supprts Baek Chung Gang

Reply 1997 star Seo In Guk recently supported singer Baek Chung Gang.
On September 19, Seo posted a photo on his me2day account with the caption “Cute Angga Chung Gang. Nice meeting him on M!Countdown. “
In the photo, Seo and Baek strike a friendly pose, staring at the camera while making the V sign. The two singer look close despite the fact that they became singers from different audition programs―Seo from Mnet’s Super Star K1 and Baek from MBC’s Great Birth.
It‘s been also reported that Seo revealed his worries about Baek, who had recently received surgery for cancer at its early stage. That seems to have made Seo more excited about seeing the Chinese singer.
Netizens responded: “Seo In Guk supports Baek Chung Gang. So touching.” “They look good together.” “Seo is such a heartthrob.” “Beautiful guys.”
Source: TV Report

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