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May 31, 2012

SNSD’s fans gives Yoona a special birthday present

SNSD’s Yoona had her 23rd birthday and received a special birthday present from her fans.
On May 30, SNSD’s official fan club Smile Yoona published an advertisement in a daily newspaper to celebrate Yoona’s 23rd birthday.
The advertisement says, “Flower rain is falling. It’s goddess Yoona’s Love Rain. The fragrance of Yoona makes us forget ourselves and we fall in love with her all over again. We became fans of her under the name of SONE.”
People responded: “Happy birthday to Yoona.” “That’s a nice present from the fans.” “Have a happy birthday.” “Cheer up, Yoona. We support you.”
Yoona appeared on KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain, which went off air on May 29. She will devote herself to perform as a member of SNSD.
Source: TV Report

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