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May 31, 2012

miss A Suzy stands out among other celebrities

A photo of miss A’s Suzy taken along with Chinese celebrities was recently revealed.
On May 30, a photo was posted on community site with the caption, “Suzy along with Chinese celebrities.”
In the photo, the miss A youngest shows off her beauty among Chinese celebrities. Suzy looks fabulous in a colorful outfit and long straight hair. Also, she strikes a pose while making a v-sign.
The post says, “Suzy took a picture along with Chinese celebrities, and this can be dubbed ‘Suzy Effect’—Suzy looks outstanding, but the other celebrities look like ordinary people of her fans.
Netizens responded: “Suzy is the best.” Suzy rocks China,” “Right. That’s what we call ‘Suzy Effect.’”
Source: Starnews

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