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May 31, 2012

B1A4 Gongchan becomes a bartender and Bigbang’s G-Dragon on MTV The Show?

You may know Gongchan as the silent-type member of B1A4 but he is also capable of being funny and “dorky” at the same time. Together with Baro, they were seen enjoying their time while waiting for their turn to perform at the recording of SBS MTV The Show yesterday (May 29th). Backstage, they found a big chair and pulled it out to the center. Gongchan immediately sat down and tried imitating G-Dragon’s role in Bigbang’s music video for Fantastic Baby while Baro was standing at the back.
Before the G-Dragon scene, Gongchan also initiated another role-playing scenario. He went inside a bar area and pretended to be a bartender. CNU who was doing his own version of push-ups, stopped and joined the other members who started acting as customers. He then ordered “Iced Americano.”
B1A4 is currently promoting their comeback single “Baby Goodnight.” SBS MTV’s The Show is unique from other music shows because the filming takes place in a real club in Cheongdam. The audience can enjoy watching performances from many K-Pop celebrities in a relatively very proximate distance. The Show is aired on SBS MTV every Friday at 8pm (KST) with replays on Mondays (8am), Wednesdays (4:30pm) and Saturdays (1pm). The role-playing scenes mentioned above may also appear on MTV Behind the Show, which is aired every Friday at 9pm.

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