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June 03, 2012

SNSD’s Yoona: ‘Love Rain was valuable to me’

SNSD’s Yoona has wrapped up her activities for drama Love Rain (written by Oh Sooyeon and directred by Yoon Sukho), where she portrayed Ha Na and the younger version of Ha Na’s mother.
On May 30th, she sat down with Star News where she reflected on her time spent filming for the drama and expressed, “Thanks to ‘Love Rain’, I was able to gain valuable experience.” Love Rain was Yoona’s first drama since starring in the 2009 MBC drama Cinderella Man. Yoona further added, “Since I hadn’t acted in a while, I felt that Love Rain granted me many different experiences and emotions that I never experienced before in my previous roles. It let me think about myself, which is a good thing.”
Yoona was gracious to have the opportunity to work alongside good actors and actresses, citing, “Because I was able to work alongside good actors and staff members, it made me happy. I will continue to grow and show to you a better image.” She also thanked viewers, stating, “To those who watched Love Rain, thank you. Please look forward to Yoona, who will become a more mature actress in the future.”
Love Rain finished its 20 episode run on May 29th and viewers were pleased to see the marriage and happy ending between Jang Geun Seok’s character, Seo Yoon, and Yoona’s character, Jung Hana.
Source: StarNews

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