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May 31, 2012

2PM’s Nickhun wears a fedora and takes a self portrait

2PM’s Nickhun recently took a self portrait.
On May 30, Nickhun tweeted a picture with the comment in English, “Here’s a picture for you guys! Have a great one!”
In the picture, Nickhun is wearing a unique T-shirt and a fedora. He is making a funny face while looking up at the camera. He seems like he has lost some weight.
People who saw the picture responded: “He is so cute.” “You look good in a fedora.” “I thought your T-shirt is just simple but I noticed a unique drawing.” “You have really big eyes.” “Good luck on your Japanese concert!” “2PM will be successful.”
2PM will hold their concert in Tokyo, Japan, starting on May 30 for 3 days.
Source: TV Report

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